Introducing SayKah: A Loyalty Program Dedicated To Closing The Racial Wealth Gap

SayKah is a loyalty program that enables you to close your capabilities, knowledge, and wealth gaps through self-actualization and reciprocal generosity.

It’s not often that you are rewarded to self-actualize. In fact, it’s unheard of. But that’s what Finurah and the rest of the Diamond Diaspora Media family — Atlanta Black Star and The Shadow League — are doing.

DDM has launched a new initiative called SayKah. Like other loyalty programs, the more you engage, the closer you get to the ideal version of yourself.

Earn SayKah, Get Status

Matriculate through an impactful rewards journey going from Silver -> Gold -> Platinum -> Diamond. Each stage unlocking valuable knowledge at each tier.

Earning SayKah points is straightforward. Here are the ways you can accumulate points:

Reading Articles: Dive into the wealth of articles on Finurah, Atlanta Black Star, The Shadow League. Every article you read helps you earn points.

Watching Content: Videos and multimedia content are also part of the points-earning mix. Simply watch and accumulate more points.

Watching Movies: You can also earn points by watching movies and more on the streaming service Destah.

Inviting Friends: Share the benefits of SayKah Rewards with friends. Use your personalized referral link, found on your membership dashboard, to invite others and earn points when they join.

New members get 25 points when they sign up.

How to Redeem Your Points

To make sure to get the most out of your SayKah Rewards experience, stay logged in. Make sure you’re logged in while reading articles to ensure your activity is tracked and points are awarded.

Also, the loyalty program is designed for human users; no automated systems are allowed. And note that each user is permitted only one SayKah account.

Redeem Your Points for Exciting Rewards

Now, here’s the best part. Your points can be redeemed for rewards. Earn status to self-actualize your goals. Also, shop with our partners: Thrive Market, Foot Locker, Aveda. These rewards are designed to enhance your engagement and provide exclusive benefits, making your time with Atlanta Black Star, Finurah, and The Shadow League even more rewarding.

Stay Updated with Special Offers

Keep an eye out for new features, special offers, and updates. Staying connected ensures you won’t miss out on opportunities to earn more points and access exclusive rewards.

For more information and to start earning points, visit SayKah and follow Finurah, Destah, Atlanta Black Star, and The Shadow League on social media.

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