Did Wendy Williams’ Friend Accuse the Former Talk Show Host’s Guardian of Stealing $55M?

Wendy Williams’ reportedly tough financial situation is allegedly a result of her being tricked by her guardian, according to an affidavit filed by her longtime friend Regina Schell.

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 23: Wendy Williams is seen outside the Wendy Williams Show on June 23, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

This is according to entertainment media outlet The Sun, currently the only platform reporting on this accusation.

What’s Going in With Wendy?

The document, submitted in a New Jersey court, outlines a series of events that suggest significant financial mismanagement and possible fraud on the part of Sabrina Morrissey, the woman in charge of her estate.

The purpose of the affidavit was to attest, based on firsthand observation and knowledge, that Williams had approximately $55 million in her Wells Fargo bank accounts as of mid-2022. This contradicts the claim made by Morrissey, who allegedly informed Wendy shortly thereafter that she had no money left. The affidavit was submitted as evidence in Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter’s case seeking alimony payments.

The exact date of Schell’s submission has not been reported.

Schell has been friends with Williams for 44 years and claims she visited the former talk show host in New York City in July 2022. During her stay, Williams allegedly expressed concerns about her finances and showed her bestie Wells Fargo bank statements indicating a balance of nearly $55 million. Williams reportedly wanted to explore options for changing her bank to better manage her estate.

Five months later, Schell says she accompanied Williams to a meeting with Bank of America’s Private Banking Group, according to The Sun.

This meeting, purportedly attended by senior banking officials, was aimed at discussing potential financial products and strategies.

“Wendy had scheduled an appointment with Bank of America’s Private Banking Group, which included the senior vice president, private client advisor, wealth strategy, market director, and several others to outline the best products available,” Schell wrote to the court, adding, “I remained present during the entire presentation.”

Schell continued to claim in the filing, “Following the meeting, I witnessed Wendy handing the Bank of America proposals and documents to Ms. Morrissey as we were all in the same vehicle drive to the courthouse.”

Schell claims she received an alarming call from Williams’ publicist shortly after this meeting.

The publicist allegedly overheard a conversation between Williams and Ms. Morrissey, during which Morrissey informed Williams that her accounts were empty. Schell claims her attempts to contact Morrissey for clarification were unsuccessful, as she was subsequently blocked from communicating with both Morrissey and Williams.

“In disbelief, I immediately contacted Ms. Morrissey. Ms. Morrissey and I have been in regular contact, and I fully expected her to tell me there was some sort of miscommunication, but instead, I was blocked from all communication with her, and denied access to my beloved friend,” Schell explained.

She notes that the last time that she spoke to Williams was on May 1, 2023.

The affidavit was submitted in connection with Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter’s ongoing legal battle over their divorce settlement.

Hunter, who was also the executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show” before their split, has accused Morrissey of depleting Williams’ finances. This accusation came to a head during an April court hearing where Hunter argued that his agreed-upon alimony ended when the bank froze Williams’ accounts and the subsequent guardianship imposed.

Hunter has been fighting to gain access to Williams’ financial records, which he claims are essential for his case. He has alleged that Morrissey is involved in a racketeering scheme and has mishandled Williams’ assets. Despite his claims, Morrissey has denied any wrongdoing and disputed the allegation Hunter raised.

The Sun reports it was told by a source close to the proceedings that during a December 2022 mediation session the mediator informed Hunter that Williams’ accounts were empty. Despite these allegations, there has been no evidence made public to substantiate claims that Williams is financially insolvent.

The ex-husband, who has not launched a successful venture since the divorce and his having a child with his mistress, continues to seek access to financial documents, which he believes will support his argument for the resumption of his alimony.

He is also his former sister-in-law conspired with producers of “The Wendy Williams Show” to steal millions from Williams, and believes they owe him money too.

Williams herself addressed her financial troubles in her recent docuseries, “Where is Wendy Williams?” aired on Lifetime.

@thegmansour Wendy’s niece is seen here trying to get through to Wendy. #wendywilliams #wendywilliamsdocumentary #whereiswendywilliams #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – George Mansour

She candidly discussed her guardianship and the loss of her show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” revealing that she has no money and warning viewers about the vulnerability of financial security.

Morrissey also filed a lawsuit, claiming A+E Networks proceeded with filming the documentary that showed Williams in a deteriorating state without obtaining consent from her.

As Williams’ legal and financial battles continue, the claims made in Schell’s affidavit and Hunter’s accusations highlight the ongoing disputes over her financial management and guardianship. The resolution of these issues will be crucial in determining the future of Williams’ financial stability, personal affairs and if her son will inherit the empire she worked so hard to build throughout her career.

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