Beyonce’s Mom Tina Knowles’ ‘Potentially Unsafe’ Galveston Beach House May Be Headed to Demolition; One Neighbor Calls It an ‘Eyesore’

Texas officials have deemed a beachfront home on the Gulf of Mexico belonging to Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, as “potentially unsafe” after the property remained in disrepair for nearly 20 years. The $1.4 million house, located in the affluent Pirate’s Beach enclave in Galveston, has been deteriorating since it was damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

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“Little Bit of an Eyesore’

Residents of Pirate’s Beach, who are required to maintain a country club membership, have expressed frustration over the state of Knowles’ home. Neighbor Richard D’Antoni described it to Fox 26 Houston as “a little bit of an eyesore.”

City officials have been in contact with Knowles, offering assistance to move the property due to its damage from a natural disaster. Despite being offered $150,000 by the State of Texas to relocate the home, no repairs have been made, prompting the city to move forward with the demolition process, The Daily Mail reported.

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Councilwoman Marie Robb emphasized the urgency, stating, “Considering it’s 2024 and Hurricane Ike was in 2008, I’d say we’ve given them more than ample time to respond.” A demolition order could be issued within 60 days.

The City of Galveston also issued a violation notice on July 1, declaring the property “potentially unsafe” due to deterioration, decay, and erosion. The notice requires Knowles to submit a permit application with plans to remedy the violation within 10 days or face corrective action through Municipal Court. Additionally, safety fencing must be installed immediately to restrict access to the hazardous area. If Knowles fails to comply, the city will erect the fence and place a lien on the property to cover the costs.

Despite her home’s condition, Knowles recently defended her hometown after sports announcer Charles Barkley criticized the area’s beaches. Her passionate response on Instagram earned her praise from locals, even as they await action on her deteriorating property.

Barkley bashed Galveston area it for having “dirty a– water.” He said as part of his NBA coverage for TNT in April, “We’re going to send them to Galveston where that dirty a– water be washing up on the shore. You people think they at the beach.”

She posted on Instagram to Barkley, “Chuck we don’t play about Galveston Texas! You better watch it sucker. Our water might not be blue, but it is still the beach and we love it! In fact, what you probably don’t Kknow is It’s an Island !! Yes me and @angiebeyince still rock our BOI necklaces ( Born On The Island) Jay sent this to me and Angie B Yesterday ! He asked us if we’re gonna let him talk about our city like that! All Good @charleswbarkley we got a great laugh. So yal don’t start no S___T.”

Barkley later apologized, “Ms. Knowles, I don’t want that smoke. I don’t want the BeyHive and Jay after Chuck. I apologize.”‘ Despite not keeping her home up to community standards, Knowles’ defense of the island community cemented her hero status in the eyes of locals. ‘Yeah, I saw Tina’s response, and we love her for that response because we love Galveston, but Barkley probably wouldn’t have any nice words to say about the condition of this house,’ Munoz said.”

Knowles, a former hair salon owner, has an estimated net worth $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Over the years she has launched two fashion brands: Miss Tina and House of Dereon. She also owns property in New York and Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

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