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American Airlines Passenger Gets the Business After Calling Black Flight Crew Member the N-Word

Things got bumpy aboard an American Airlines flight this week as two female passengers exchanged blows after one of the women used a racial slur to refer to a Black flight crew member.

It’s unclear what sparked the altercation, but the video begins just as a Black woman passenger excoriates her white seatmate for using the N-word. A clip of the incident was posted Sunday by Facebook user Dre Justice and has since racked up more than 10,000 views online. 

“You’re gonna sit here and call him a ‘f—–g n—-r’ while you’re sitting beside an African-American woman?” the passenger asks the white woman seated next to her. “You are f—–g stupid. You need to be locked the f–k up. I hope they lock your motherf—–g ass up, ’cause you a dumb ass b—h.”

The white passenger, who’s seemingly drunk and proceeds to ramble with slurred speech, is heard daring the woman to “hit me if you’re trying to.” She then tells her enraged flying mate “my cousin is Black.”

Things only escalated from there as the ladies continued lobbing insults at one another, including plenty of f-bombs and “C U Next Tuesday’s.” Their barbs soon turned to blows after the white woman used the slur once more, this time directing her racist vitriol at the woman chiding her.

American Airlines Fight
A Black woman passenger stepped in to defend an American Airlines crew member from racist remarks by a white passenger. (Photo: Dre Justice/Facebook video screenshot)

“Who’s a n—-r?!” the Black woman yells, gripping the white woman’s throat in her hand before pushing her head into the center aisle as far as it would go. “B—h, you done lost your motherf—-g mind! You done lost your mother—-g mind!”

“Get the f–k off me!” the white woman shouts, followed by several other four-letter words, as the flight crew member she initially insulted separates the two with difficulty and guides the Black woman to another area of the plane, bringing an end to the beatdown.

The woman is then heard crying and yelling for security to remove her attacker from the plane.

The incident garnered plenty of reactions online, most of them unsympathetic toward the apparent loser in the scuffle.

“Insert loud obnoxious laugh HA!😀,” one Instagram user commented.

“I’m so glad she got throttled,” another agreed.

“She gripped her with the strength of the ancestors 😩,” someone else commented. “I hope she got kicked off the plane as well because she was being highly disrespectful to both of them.”

One critic noted that the white passenger was sobbing and “ready to play the victim so quick.”

It’s unclear if any legal action was taken following the incident or if the police were called. Neither woman in the clip has been identified, nor is it known which on which flight this occurred.

Atlanta Black Star reached out to Dre Justice and American Airlines for comment and is awaiting response.

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