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‘It Moves With My Body’: Black Veteran Creates FDA-Approved Invention to Help Relieve Back Pain

An Atlanta-based veteran has invented a special support belt to help relieve some of the pain afflicting those with acute or chronic back pain.

Glenn Gordon developed the We Gotcha Back support belt five years ago. The FDA-approved product works to improve back, lumbar and total body pain, and can also improve blood circulation.


Gordon’s previous experience in the U.S. Army as a heavy equipment forklift operator contributed to his own long-term back problems.

“That has taken a toll on my back because I didn’t realize bouncing up and down over all that rough terrain really does hurt your back and into your hips,” Gordon said.

The 65-year-old South Carolina native recalls beginning to feel discomfort in his late 30s and early 40s.

He says the VA hospital treated him with pain medication and uncomfortable back support devices that left him feeling as if he were wearing a straitjacket when he had them on.

“I’d put it on, I have all these bells and whistles, I gotta pull this, I gotta pull that, I gotta stick a piece of plastic here and a hardboard in the back, and all of those things restricted my movement,” Gordon said.

After first getting the idea to create his own back support belt in the late 1980s, he revisited the goal in 2005. From there, We Gotcha Back was born.

“It moves with my body, so when I put it on, I can put it on and wherever I move, the belt moves, but I’m still stable at the same time,” the veteran said.

He’s sold or given out at least 500 back support belts to customers and chiropractors across the country, including Buckhead Wellness Center Dr. Christopher Scoma, who bought one for his father.

“On and off, he did have to have back surgery and that’s what helped him with recovering from the back surgery. And, and yeah, it helps. It helped a lot,” Scoma said.

The We Gotcha Back support sells for just under $200. You may find more information on the invention at

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