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‘Everyone Always Either Laughed At Me…’: 16-Year-Old Entrepreneur Ignores Criticism and Opens Beauty Supply Store In Brooklyn

A New York teen business owner has accomplished more in her youth than a lot of adults do in their entire lives. The 16 year old has opened a beauty supply store.

Paris McKenzie opened the doors to Paris Beauty Supplyz in Brooklyn about a month ago, reported CBS New York. She may only be a minor, but this isn’t her first experience with entrepreneurship. Her mother owns a salon and boutique on the same street as the beauty supply store.

Paris McKenzie (above) opened the doors to Paris Beauty Supplyz in Brooklyn about a month ago. (Photo: Paris McKenzie/Twitter)

“I do have a lot of business experience. I’ve been helping my mom run her business since I was very, very young. So I know how to handle finances and how to market products in the store,” she explained to CBS New York. “I had enough money saved to invest in this.”

McKenzie also had something to prove when she opened her storefront.

“I’ve always had dreams to do things from a young age and everyone always either laughed at me or I would work in my mom’s stores and people would say ‘oh she works here, oh who left you alone,’ and it’s always somebody trying to put you down,” she told News12. “And I know the way it made me feel and I wouldn’t want other young girls to feel that way.”

Thankfully, the store has a ton of support from community members, including more than 13,000 Instagram followers.

“The messages I’ve been getting and the support I’ve been getting, it makes me feel amazing. It makes me want to do more,” said McKenzie.

In addition to running Paris Beauty Supplyz, McKenzie is juggling a heavy course load that includes college courses.

“I go to two different schools right now,” the rising junior said. “I’m in high school and I take college classes, so it’s a lot but I’ve been handling it well so far.”

Her aspirations do not end at the store.

“I’m hoping to major in pre-med, so I can become an orthopedic pediatric surgeon,” McKenzie said.

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