‘Business is Evergreen’: Kevin Hart’s Goal is to Become a Billionaire in Three Years and Prove It’s ‘Doable’ for Others from His Hometown

Kevin Hart has his sights set on reaching billionaire-mogul status.

The comedian is well on his way to amassing the unfathomable fortune, which he hopes to achieve in the next three years at the age of 45. “Business is evergreen,” said Hart to “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King while discussing the various hats he wears as a businessman.

Kevin Hart (Photo: @kevinhart4real/Instagram)

Hart launched his career working the stand-up circuit in the early 2000s, but since then he has starred in multiple Box Office successes, including films such as “Ride Along,” “Central Intelligence,” and his stadium-filling comedy specials. His revenue for major Hollywood studios and streaming giant Netflix totals more than $4 billion dollars.

When asked why he would still pursue the billionaire title despite critics who despise the gross disparity of wealth in America, Hart said his reasoning is simple. “Honestly it’s about the people that come from where I come from understanding that it’s doable,” he explained during an interview with Charlamagne Tha God on “Tha God’s Honest Truth.” “It’s a dream; the dream isn’t about the dollar so I don’t want people to misconstrue the money side of it.”

He continued, “I’m not supposed to be where I am. I’m a statistic. I’m supposed to be a statistic. I’m a young Black man from North Philadelphia so when I go back to North Philadelphia and I look at other Black men … I’m going back and I’m shaking their hands. But more importantly I’m letting you see what reality is — reality is that it’s harder for us, it’s not easier for us, but if we want to obtain something and we put our mind to it we can.”

But Hart is not playing humble; he is fully aware of how reaching his personal wealth goals carry an impact that can positively impact the lives of others. “If I want to be a part of real change; well with that dollar your change starts to be different. I mean your impact can be different.”

Hart has proven his impact on the world of comedy and made himself a staple partner for studios in creating new and diverse content. To his own credit, Hart also launched his own comedy network, LOL Network, and production company, HartBeat Productions, both of which are at the center of his legacy in putting tomorrow’s executives and creatives in place

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