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Why Erika Alexander Collaborated With Ex-Husband for an NFT

Actor, writer and civil rights activist Erika Alexander was a regular cast member on popular TV shows like “The Cosby Show,” and “Going to Extremes,” but it was her role as Maxine Shaw on “Living Single” that made her well known in the 1990s.

ABS had the opportunity to speak with Alexander about her acting career, how she decided to collaborate with her ex-husband in writing a sci-fi graphic novel that is now an NFT, and how we all have to work together to change the lens for all in regards to civil rights and racial equality. 

Actress Erika Alexander attends AfroTech 2019 at Oakland Marriott City Center on Nov. 9, 2019, in Oakland, California. (Photo: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images for AfroTech)

“Living Single” is a sitcom about a group of friends who share a brownstone in New York. While it seems like a simple concept, the show has been revered as on of the best ’90s sitcoms due to the dynamic characters, actors comedic timing, and relatability.

“I had already come from the biggest show on TV, which was ‘Cosby.’ It was an amazing experience [with] all of these people that were in my peer group. We didn’t know what it would become but when we first debuted, it was rated the number one Black show on TV, which was significant,” Alexander said. 

The cast had chemistry, varied talent, and gumption and it was a recipe for success. “As for the initial experience, along with instant chemistry, we were very independent and individual, very outspoken for ourselves and very hard-working,” she said.

Read full story at Atlanta Black Star here.

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