High School Football Player Jaden Rashada Becomes First Prep Football Star To Profit From Endorsements After Inking NIL Deal

As the Name, Likeness, and Image (NIL) rights avalanche of opportunities continues, a high school QB is now tasting the rewards.

This week, one of the best quarterbacks in next year’s college football recruiting class, Jaden Rashada, is signing his first endorsement deal with a recruiting app company.

Image Credit: Twitter @FOS screen shot

AIR Rashada

Rashada will be paid four figures to help promote the AIR, or Athletes in Recruitment, by posting on social media. AIR is a platform designed to help college coaches, high school athletes, and advisers simplify the process and find suitable matches.

The Pittsburg, California, high school QB finished his junior season as ESPN’s top-rated dual-threat quarterback in the 2023 recruiting class.

Popular belief is that Rashada is the first high school football player to profit from endorsements. Due to the NCAA changing rules over the summer that previously made Rashada ineligible to play in college if he accepted NIL money, he has broken the ceiling.

Getting To The Money

Some high school basketball players have signed endorsement deals recently, but Rashad was first to the actual “bag.”

“It feels pretty good,” Rashada said to ESPN. “Maybe it can open up more opportunities for others, and people can be more aware of it. It’s a blessing to be able to make some money and promote a good brand.”

Although NCAA athletes can make money from their name, image, and likeness rights, the rule change’s effect on the high school level remains murky in many areas.

Read full story in The Shadow League here.

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