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‘Donda Sports Wants To Buy The Broncos’: Is Antonio Brown The Messenger For Kanye West And Byron Allen Black NFL Ownership Team?

The Denver Broncos appear to be the most serious contenders for the first NFL franchise to sell to a Black ownership team. Media and TV mogul Byron Allen announced this week that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft suggested that he buy an NFL team. Allen, a former comedian and actor, launched his own media company in 1993 and has amassed a fortune worth somewhere between $450M-$600M. 

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The Denver Broncos are expected to sell for close to $4 billion, so even if the NFL is willing to sell the franchise to Allen, he will have to find some other partners with long money to close the deal. 

That’s where Kanye West steps into the picture. As of March 2021, West’s net worth is reportedly $6.6B. 

Why are we mentioning Kanye, who has never expressed any real interest in sports, as a potential owner for the Broncos? 

Well, on Thursday, former NFL player Antonio Brown, the newly crowned President of Donda Sports, tweeted that Kanye West should buy the Denver Broncos.

Brown also tweeted out that the NFL should get in contact with Kanye if they are seriously seeking Black ownership. 

When AB was getting eviscerated for disrobing, blowing kisses to the crowd as he took his final bow on the NFL stage, then accusing the Tampa Bay Bucs and head coach Bruce Arians of forcing him to play and injecting drugs to numb the pain of an injury, nobody knew that Kanye would in essence, throw him a lifeline by taking Brown under his wing and giving him a prominent position in a field that he knows all too well. 

Now, he’s like the royal messenger translating all of Kanye’s thoughts and Donda Sports power moves to the masses. As far as popularity and notoriety goes, AB has gone from celebrity to global icon of sorts and the face of one of Yeezy’s most ambitious ventures to date. 

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