Finurah Funding Friday: eBay and DoorDash Offer Grants; Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Second-Round Grants

Have you ever heard of second-round grants? While some grant programs are awarded annually, there are some grant programs that provide funding in various funding rounds. By offering grants in this fashion, many organizations and corporations can support the endeavors of entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses throughout the year. 

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As with all grant funding options, entrepreneurs should always: 

  • Research the grant and its sponsor
  • Develop a clear plan of action of how grant funds will be used if awarded 
  • Give yourself time to prepare your application 
  • Remain positive in the process 

In this week’s Finurah Funding Friday, we feature three grants that are offered periodically throughout the year. 

2022 Small Business Growth Fund 

It’s no secret that small businesses keep communities vibrant and help fuel our economy. Hello Alice is accepting grant applications for the second round of its grant program, Small Business Growth Fund. The organization is providing 50 entrepreneurs with $5,000 grants to assist them in making their next move. Eligible businesses have generated less than $1 million in annual revenue, have a commitment to their community and customers, and a plan for using the funds. Find more information here. Apply by May 20. 

eBay Up and Running Grant

Are you a small business owner who needs to update their in-person and digital storefronts? Storefronts — whether brick-and-mortar or digital — must make a positive lasting impression. Visitors need to feel like spaces are easy to navigate and meet their needs. If a customer’s needs aren’t met, they will leave a storefront or leave a business quickly. An eBay Up and Running Grant can help you grow your business and establish an unforgettable brand presence. In addition to receiving a $10,000 grant, recipients will have access to eBay Academy and business development resources. More information can be found here. Apply by June 10. 

DoorDash Disaster Relief Fund  

While mask and vaccination requirements are easing up, the financial challenges many small businesses have faced are not. DoorDash is responding through its Disaster Relief Fund. Local restaurants throughout the United States have suffered due to natural disasters and the pandemic. Eligible restaurants include those that have experienced financial challenges as a result of state, tribal or federal natural disasters. In addition to having a business plan that outlines how funding will be used, businesses must be operating a storefront for at least six months. Information can be found here. Apply by June 30. 

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