Homeschooled Teen Made History: 14-Year-Old Set to Graduate from Two Oklahoma Colleges with Honors

While most 14-year-olds are preparing to graduate middle school or finish their first year in high school, an Oklahoma teenager is slated to graduate from two colleges with honors this month.

OnMay 14, Shania Muhammad made history as the youngest student to earn an associate’s degree from Oklahoma Community College. According to reports, she is also scheduled to graduate from Langston University later this month.

Fourteen-year-old Shania Muhammad will graduate from two colleges in May 2022. (Photo: Instagram/Shania Shakura)

Shania, who was homeschooled, started Oklahoma Community College at 13 years old. Her parents pushed her to elevate her education goals and strive for excellence.

“We have over 150 medals, over 50 trophies, we have over 100 academic awards as well,” Shania’s father, Elijah Muhammad, said.

Shania first made history as the youngest student at the University of Oklahoma. After one semester, she decided to enroll at her parent’s alma mater, Langston University, the state’s only HBCU. She plans to further her education at Langston and obtain a bachelor’s degree in family consumer science and a minor in plant soil science.

The teen then wants to head back to the University of Oklahoma to pursue a master’s degree in business administration. On Saturday, she received an associate’s degree in diversified studies from Oklahoma Community College.

“I actually experienced and enjoyed Langston. It felt like I was at home [away] from home,” Shania said. “I don’t feel judged. It’s like we understood where we came from.”

Shania hopes to inspire others as well. She has written a book titled “Read, Write, Listen” about her journey to become one of the youngest Black college students in the country. She also started a clothing line called Smart Girl.

Read full story at The Atlanta Black Star here.

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