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Black Equity on Wall Street Two Years After George Floyd

By Sonali Basak

Progress over the years toward equity for Black Americans has been shaky—at best.

A woman poses for a photo in front of a mural depicting George Floyd during a ‘Rise and Remember’ event at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., on Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Since George Floyd was murdered on May 25, 2020, the city at the center of a national reckoning on race and policing has sought to reinvent itself, trying on different iterations of the change that residents say is necessary to move forward.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police in May 2020, and the police violence against Americans of color that his killing punctuated, calls for racial justice and equality have grown only louder. Big banks and corporations promised to do their part, pledging to hire more Black employees, pay equitable wages and expand opportunities.

Now, two years after Floyd became the latest symbol of America’s deep-seated inequality, has there been any tangible impact? Bloomberg explores the issue in this special podcast from Bloomberg Radio. 

The podcast can be heard here.

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