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Report: Rapper Xzibit Ordered to Pay His Wife $6k a Month In Child, Spousal Support and Hire Forensic Accountant to Determine His Actual Net Worth After Winning Cannabis Lawsuit

West Coast rapper Xzibit and his soon-to-be ex-wife Krista Joiner are gearing up for a bitter divorce, after eight years of marriage. Before their divorce proceedings start, a California judge has ordered certain financial arrangements to be set in place — issuing both child and spousal support to be paid by the hop-hop legend.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 22: Xzibit attends the premiere of “The Defiant Ones” at Paramount Theatre on June 22, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

According to court documents, starting on Monday, Aug. 1, a judge has ordered the chart-topping artist, whose real name is Alvin Joiner, to pay his wife $2,239 a month in child support for the care of their 10-year-old son Gatlyn for the next eight years, Radar Online reports.

Additionally, he has been ordered to pay $3,702 a month in temporary spousal support until further notice.

Also due from the “Pimp My Ride” host, on the first of August, is an extra $5,941 to square up both child and spousal support for the previous month.

Krista filed her petition for divorce in 2021, ending a tumultuous marriage that includes the tragic death of one of their children who died 11 days after being born prematurely.

At the core of the fight to end their marriage is a dispute about how much money the rapper actually earns and has in the bank.

Joiner says she was told by Xzibit’s brother that her husband is hiding about $20 million in multiple vaults, according to The brother also told her that he receives about $1 million a month from his cannabis business.

To get to the bottom of these concerns, the judge ordered the artist to pay Joiner $50,000 to hire a forensic accountant to audit his finances.

The 47-year-old’s net worth is estimated at $2 million by various media outlets. However, his wife wants the courts to consider his other streams of income, including the recent cannabis business he owns with his mentor Dr. Dre.

According to a post by attorney Darren M. Richie, the two have won in 2022 a lawsuit over the ownership of Brass Knuckles, a weed company whose alleged value is between $50 million and $170 million.

On Monday, June 27, the lawyer took to Instagram to celebrate the rappers’ victpry, captioning, “the truth shall always prevail! Took about 4 years but defended @xzibit, et Al in this case and sued their a**s back too. Plaintiff took ZERO not one penny. We will never back down to BS. People can say whatever they want but be sure to stand up and fight back for what’s right! Case closed notice of settlement publicly filed!”

It is unclear if this is the lucrative cannabis business Krista Joiner is claiming is referenced by the brother.

The forensic accountant will unpack all of Xzibit’s ventures, publishing, and banking accounts to help determine his actual net worth, which will have a bearing on whether support payments can be raised.

Finally, the judge ordered Xzibit to pay Joiner for her legal bills ($125,000).

Xzibit contends he does not have any money and has been especially hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple married in 2014 and currently have a $3 million home that the star believes Joiner is currently sharing with her new boyfriend. He had asked her to sell the home, but because she did not move swiftly, the market slowed down and the couple had to take out short-term loans to pay the mortgage.

In total, before the couple reconvenes in court before the judge in February 2023 the artist will have paid his ex-wife approximately $217,000.

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