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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Shaunie Henderson Splurges On A Month-Long European Yachting Adventure for Her Husband

“Basketball Wives” creator Shaunie Henderson, ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, celebrated the birthday of her new husband, Keion Henderson, by throwing him a surprise month-long yacht trip across Europe.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 19: Keion Henderson (L) and Shaunie O’Neal (R) pose at The Pump Group Soiree at The Beverly Hills Hotel on August 19, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Cassy Athena/Getty Images)

Shaunie and Keion married at the Aurora Anguilla Resort and Golf Club on May 28. Keion’s birthday was July 6, so the trip served as a belated honeymoon and birthday celebration.

“I was able to get in there and plan an entire honeymoon and birthday for him behind his back. It was something that I knew he hadn’t done before. He absolutely loves the water. So I said, ‘Let’s just go all out,’” Shaunie told People. This was hard since Keion is a pastor and Shaunie has to coordinate the timing with his congregation without him finding out.

Keion, an author and motivational speaker, is the CEO and senior pastor of Lighthouse Church & Ministries in Houston, Texas. His net worth is $7 million.

Shaunie’s pretty busy herself. Shaunie, who was worth an estimated $35 million in 2021, is an actor, television producer and entrepreneur. Shaunie, who was married to Shaq for seven years up until 2011, runs a shoe line and a cannabis company, is the executive producer of “Basketball Wives,” is a real estate investor, and starred in a reality show named “Shaunie’s Home Court.” She is also hosting a women’s empowerment conference,  Introducing Her•Say, on Sept. 10

The yacht sailing tour started in Monaco and went around the French coast before ending in Italy.

“We went seven [or] eight places. I’ve never met kinder individuals,” said Keion.

He continued, “My favorite place might have been Capri because we went to both sides. I went to the calm side where they did all the water sports, and we saw the caves. Then we go to the other side with the fabulous shopping and the fabulous restaurants and the busyness of the island.”

A month-long European yacht excursion is not cheap.

There are various types of crewed yacht charters available, including “All-Inclusive” and “Plus Expenses” charter experiences. According to yacht charter company Worldwide Boat, All-Inclusive Yacht Charters rates are based on the number of people, and these tours include all food and drink, water sports and fuel costs.

Plus Expenses Charters are luxury charters and includes the base price for the yacht only. Additional expenses, such as food, bar, fuel, dockage and port taxes, are charged separately.

While there have not been any reports as to what type of yacht the newlyweds chartered, most charters for a month would be costly.

The average weekly sailing charter can run from $10,000 to $200,000, depending on the size and type of yacht, according to Worldwide Boat. The average weekly fee for a motored yacht charter can range from $20,000 to $500,000. Add on top of this taxes, a 5 to 15 percent tip for the crew, according to MYBA The Worldwide Yachting Association, and docking fees. But prices can range widely. As charter yachts are privately owned, prices are set by the owner.

There are other things that can affect the price of a yacht rental, according to Worldwide Yacht, such as the age of the yacht, the season you are booking and the destination.

It seems Shaunie went all out. She described the trip to People. “We’re on this beautiful yacht that has a personal chef. They pretty much make whatever we want, but I was more excited to get off of the yacht and venture out in every stop and get to chase their food and go to the different restaurants that are famous in that space. I think I’d have to say my favorite restaurant was Chez Black. I know that’s probably a lot of people’s favorite, but it was the atmosphere.”

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