Influencer Budgetnista Tiffany Aliche Shares Her Financial Tips with the World In New Netflix Documentary

It’s safe to say Budgetnista Tiffany Aliche’s services are needed more now than ever. With a looming recession and a Milken Institute report stating only 57 percent of adults in the United States are financially literate, a new Netflix documentary that features this personal finance guru can help people fix their relationships with money. 

Budgetnista Tiffany Aliche (Photo:

She posted on Twitter the news of the Netflix film: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I have a documentary on @Netflix premiering Sept 6th! It follows 4 people on their financial journey with the help of financial coaches. GO TO NETFLIX NOW and find Get Smart with Money. Watch the trailer and add it to your list!”

The documentary “Get Smart With Money,” which went live Sept. 6, pairs “real people with financial gurus over the course of a full year,” according to Netflix, which describes the vibe as “Queer Eye for economics.” Among the show’s real-life subjects is a bartender who is living-paycheck-to-paycheck and parents hoping they can retire early.  Aliche and the show’s other financial experts give them practical take-home advice to achieve their financial goals.

Although the Netflix film is fresh, Aliche, 39, is not new to the finance scene. She’s had a personal finance social media presence for years and has dedicated her platform to teaching others about best financial practices. Through her Live Richer Movement, she’s even helped millions of women save and pay off their debt. 

The former teacher has a master’s in education and was heavily involved with passing the Budgetnista Law (A1414) in 2019, which made it mandatory for middle school students in New Jersey to receive a financial education. Aliche is also an NAACP nominee and the first Black woman to be on the cover of Money Magazine by herself. 

In short, she’s been that girl, and this Netflix documentary highlights it. It is filled with her many fiscal teachings. The people in the show have relatable and real money issues that’ll may even help you better understand your own fiscal obstacles.

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