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‘Put Yourself Out of Business’: 50 Cents Files Lawsuit Against Plastic Surgery Center For Suggesting He Was a Client

50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) is suing the owner of Miami spa and plastic surgery center for subtly implying the rapper was a client. In order words, the hip-hop mogul was a patient for penis enlargement surgery.

25 June 2022, Berlin: Rapper 50 Cent, real name: Curtis James Jackson, during his concert at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa (Photo by Paul Zinken/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Not so

50 Cent is setting the record straight: he did not get a penile enhancement treatment at Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa, according to The Daily Mail. 

“Jackson never had such a sexual enhancement procedure, he has never received plastic surgery from defendants, and he never consented to the commercialization and publication of the Photo,” his lawyers wrote in the suit. “Defendants’ actions have exposed Jackson to ridicule, caused substantial damage to his professional and personal reputation, and violated his right to control his name and image.”

The Story

50 is accusing MedSpa owner Angela Kogan of using a photo of herself and the rapper to promote her spa. The photo was taken in February 2020 because 50 Cent thought she was another fan. Kogan is not a doctor, but is a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional, Licensed Phlebotomist, and a Certified Medical Electrologist, according to the company’s website.

In a story featured in The Shade Room in August Kogan was interviewed and she discussed the increase in penile enhancements as well as the downfall of buttock enhancements. The article, which was titled “Penis Enhancements Are More Popular Than Ever & BBLs Are Dying Out: Cosmetic Surgery CEO Angela Kogan Speaks On It,” included Kogan’s photo taken with 50 Cent, alongside an eggplant emoji.

“The photo is juxtaposed with an image of a faceless male obtaining a penile enhancement procedure, with a euphemistic eggplant emoji covering his exposed groin area,” Jackson’s attorneys wrote in court papers.

The article has since been removed, but an archive on August 18 shows the story was shared by more than 4,000 on social media and that Kogan name-drops 50 Cent, Flo Rida, and football player Odell Beckham as past clients. According to 50’s lawyers, Kogan and her business shared the article to their “half a million followers” on social media. This exposed 50 to “lewd, lascivious, and sexually objectifying comments from members of the public,” the lawyers claimed.

“At this moment, we are seeing a major shift in men getting plastic surgery,” Kogan told The Shade Room. “Men really stepped up and are getting way more surgery than we think.”

50 Cent’s Damaged Rep

The rapper-turned-producer, who has an estimated net worth of $40 million, is seeking monetary damages and a gag order on Kogan and MedSpa for them to stop them from sharing the photo and claiming he was a client.

In a recent post on his Instagram, 50 Cent said, “What [sic] away to put [sic] your self out of business.” He included an article about the lawsuit in the post.

Kogan, who has a second location in Las Vagas, has not commented on the lawsuit.

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