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Inflation Has Hit the Dating Game: Singles Find It Is Expensive Looking for Love

By Paulina Cachero and Craig Giammona

Roaring inflation has made it more expensive to find love.

With food and alcohol prices jumping, along with the cost of everything else, nearly 20% of single Americans say they’re going on fewer dates,  according to a survey from LendingTree. 

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“The extra cost of each of these things individually may not be earth-shattering, but added together, they can be a very big deal, especially when you’re living on a budget.” said Matt Schulz, chief credit analyst at LendingTree. 

Despite a looming recession and soaring prices, some are still determined to find love no matter the cost. LendingTree found that 22% of millennials reported going into debt for love. That was the most out of any age group,  followed by 19% of Gen Z daters. 

LendingTree partnered with Qualtrics to survey 1,578 American consumers from August 12 to 16.

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