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Neiman Marcus’ Famed Christmas Fantasy Gifts Lineup Features a $300K Ultimate Basketball Game Package with NBA Legend Scottie Pippen & His Lakers Son 

Luxury store Neiman Marcus is known for its extravagant — and expensive — Christmas gift selections. Every year since 1959, the store has featured “Fantasy Gifts.” 

One of the odder offerings in the 2022 Fantasy Gift selection is a package to play a two-on-two basketball game with basketball legend Scottie Pippen and his son Scotty Pippen Jr.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – NOVEMBER 20: Scottie Pippen Jr. (L) and Scottie Pippen attend the grand opening of E3 Chophouse Nashville on November 20, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for E3 Chophouse Nashville)

Play the Pippins

Granted, Neiman Marcus has had some otherworldly gift selections — such as a $20 million submarine (offered in 2000), a $10 million racing stable (2008), a $7.1 million solar yacht (2018). But some are wondering why the 57-year-old NBA Hall of Famer and his 21-year-old pro baller son would participate in the Fantasy package. Turns out it is mainly for charity. The Pippen basketball package has a price tag of $$333,333. Out of that amount, donation of $278,000 will be given to the Chi Prep Academy.

Chicago Prep Academy is a nonprofit school that touts it “promotes high standards through academics, entrepreneurship, and athletics.”

Meet the Pippens

The younger Pippen, who has a net worth is $500,000, recently started his professional basketball career as a rookie with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The senior Pippen, who has an estimated net worth of $20 million, played 17 seasons in the NBA, winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls. He is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Inside the Fantasy Package

The package includes much more than a father-and-son scrimmage.

“Thanks to the NEIMAN MARCUS CONCRETE RUNWAY and TALENT RESOURCES SPORTS, now it’s your turn and a friend’s turn to play against this dynamic father-and-son duo and learn a trick or two on the court,” the offer states.

Along with the chance to play with the duo, dinner is included, as is an autographed copy of Pippen’s book, “Unguarded,” his memoir, which was published in 2021. The gift also includes a bourbon tasting featuring Pippen’s bourbon, Digits.

Digits is a collaboration between Pippen and wine and spirits maker Dave Phinney. The Tennessee-born bourbon is aged for at least five years.

In addition to the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Git list in addition to the Pippin “ultimate sports experience,” is a $3.2 Million Tiara-Necklace, a $65,000 Fragrance Experience, and a $330,000 Barbiecore Maserati, Fashionista reported.

Fantasy Backlash

While some might find the Pippen gift cool, others dragged Pippen on Twitter.

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