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Rick Ross’ New NFT Collection Offers a Visit to Hip-Hop Mogul’s Boss Land Metaverse

Controversial NFT marketplace HitPiece has partnered with Rick Ross to release a unique NFT collection for the hip-hop mogul. The Florida rapper is unveiling his Genesis NFT collection, including 200 unique NFTs of Ross’ digital avatars.

HtPieces is one of the biggest music-related NFT platforms but was once labeled a scam.

Now the platform will mint and launch Ross’s upcoming Genesis NFT collection.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 08: Rapper Rick Ross performs onstage during Day 1 of the 2022 ONE MusicFest at Central Park on October 08, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

About the Genesis NFT Collection

NFT buyers will gain access to a Rick Ross’ metaverse, which is called “Boss Land.” Once in “Boss Land,” collectors and have an “immersive experience” of Ross’ massive Georgia estate, Promise Land. There they can virtually check out a zoo and even a swimming pool filled with champagne.

Another perk of buying Rick Ross’ NFT is accessing the virtual listening room called The Lounge in the Metaverse.

Each NFT purchase also includes an exclusive merchandise package with an autographed copy of one of Ross’ books. There’s also a rarer NFT that gives buyers a custom velour jumpsuit, an apparel item worn by Ross, and a once-a-year Facetime talk with Rick. Five Ultra Rare NFTs give holders a opportunity to visit the Ross’ Promise Land property in person. Lastly there is only one NFT that features a custom-made necklace of the collector’s avatar.

Out of the 200 NFts, there are only five tokens that give fans the opportunity to physically attend the rapper’s 109-roomed Promise Land property, the same mansion used in the Coming 2 America film. And there is a one-of-one NFT where the collector gets a necklace custom of their avatar. A one-of-one NFT, stylized as 1/1, is an NFT with a single issuance, making it more valuable than multi-edition pieces.

“I thought I crashed the NFT market, but now I’m here to make it even bigger,” said Ross, whose net worth is $45 million. “You know, if the Boss is in the metaverse, then it’s the place to be.”

In May, Ross said he was worried that he caused the NFT market to fall by 92 percent after asking crypto investors in a post if they could prove they’re actually making money.

“Man, I just woke up, and I heard the NFT market crashed 92 percent, I hope that wasn’t cause of my post, was it,” Rick Ross asked in the video on his Instagram Story in May. “Somebody from NFT call me and tell me the sh-t crashed on its own, and Rozay ain’t responsible.”

Inside HitPiece

As Finurah previously reported, MC Serch, alongside label executive Rory Felton, and venture capitalists Ryan Singer and Blake Modersitzki, created HitPiece as an NFT-selling platform that enabled user-generated content to be sold. However, legal problems arose when users uploaded musicians’ work without permission on behalf of the artists.

Because the platform was using and selling snippets of songs from artists like John Lennon and Muse in their NFT products, the Recording Industry Association of America threatened HitPiece with legal action, calling the platform a “scam operation.” 

The website was briefly shut down and rebranded in August. Now, HitPiece uses music rights identification company Audible Magic to officially become “the easiest place to buy authentic music artist NFTs.” 

Rick Ross is one of the investors in its $5 million seed round. 

“HitPiece has always been about giving music fans and supporters unique and exclusive ways to engage with the artists and their content,” said Felton in the press release. “We are excited to have Rick Ross as an early adopter and partner as we continue to expand our suite of tools and offerings for music creators, collectors, and fans.”

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