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Expect Fewer Presents Under the Christmas Tree. Americans Cut Back on Holiday Spending

By Claire Ballentine

 The gift that no one wants but everyone is getting this year? Inflation. 

Higher prices are hitting shoppers hard as 2022 comes to a close. That’s taking the joy out of gift-giving for a majority of Americans, according to a new survey from the Harris Poll commissioned by Bloomberg News. 

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Inflation surged to a 40-year high this year, while wages struggled to keep up. Americans are cutting back on their holiday spending as a result. About 60% of respondents said they plan to buy fewer gifts and to purchase gifts for fewer people. A similar percentage are cutting back on holiday travel. 

Meanwhile, more than one-third have decided to skip gift-giving altogether due to the costs.

That’s leading Americans to lower their expectations on what they’ll unwrap. Three in 10 say they expect to be disappointed by the gifts they receive this year, with millennials and Gen Z especially pessimistic. 

Among those still planning to buy presents, 70% are using debit cards or cash to fund their purchases, while 60% are using credit cards, 29% are dipping into their savings accounts and 22% are turning to buy now, pay later services. 

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