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Virtual Try & Buy: Inventor Toye Onikoyi Wants His Interactive Mirror to be a Bridge Between Retail and E-Commerce

The Muse Mirror is a first-of-its-kind, smart mirror that augments reality to allow users to see what they would look like wearing clothes before trying them on. University of Rhode Island graduate Toye Onikoyi is the man behind the invention.

Inventor Toye Onikoyi using the Muse Mirror (Image: Muse Mirror)

The Muse Mirror went viral after his girlfriend posted it on her social media outlets. Onikoyi, in fact, came up with the idea as an anniversary gift for his girlfriend a couple of years ago, CBS News reported.

The Muse Mirror went on sale March 4, 2022. The a 24-inch-tall smart mirror costs $999.99, but is out of stock on the website.

Mirror, Mirror…

“Instead of making her another scrapbook,” Onikoyi told WBZ, “let me make her something she uses every day which is a mirror and let me put some things on her mirror, like her calendar, events a greeting telling her that ‘hey, you look beautiful.'” 

The interactive mirror is essentially a giant tablet, supporting and having capabilities to stream third-party apps like Netflix and YouTube. It also generates positive feedback, with Onikoyi saying, “It will present a new affirmation video to you.” 

“Kind of like a morning pick-me-up,” he added. 

Behind the Application

To make a mass market version of the Muse Mirror Onikoyi turned to fellow URI alumni Kelechi Agwunobi, Etebom Samuel, and Larry Adigun contributed in the creation of the Muse Mirror, People of Color in Tech reported. Onikoyi also formed a company, Muse Interactive.

The team added various features to the smart mirror, such as Muse Affirm, which displays affirmations. There are also skincare tutorials, exclusive content from dermatologists, skin experts, makeup and hair stylists. It allows users to try out beauty products and clothes. The mirror can play music, stream content, among other things.

The timing seems ripe for such a mirror, which stands out among smart mirrors because of its features. The global smart mirror market is expected to grow to reach $1.01 billion by 2030.

“You can try on lipstick in the mirror, then purchase it straight from the mirror,” Onikoyi, told Rhode Island Monthly. “We’re looking to do the whole experience of shopping with the mirror and leaning into fashion, too. The mirror can be your virtual closet.”

“I see The Muse Mirror as the mirror that everyone has in their home,” said Onikoyi. “I see it as a bridge between retail and e-commerce.” 

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