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Xzibit’s Estranged Wife Wants More Money, Heads Back to Court, Wants Rapper to Pay Her $230K to Prevent Bankruptcy

Rapper Xzibit’s contentious legal battle with his estranged wife, Krista Joiner, rages on. The two have been going back and forth in court since she filed for divorce in 2021.

Perth, Australia – Jan. 20: Rapper Xzibit performs at Juicy Fest 2023 on Jan. 20, 2023, in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Matt Jelonek/Getty Images)

Joiner is now demanding the former MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” host pay her $230,000 to pay her bills, according to Radar.  

The ‘I Dos,’ The ‘I Don’ts’

The two wed on Nov. 29, 2014, and later had two sons together, Xavier and Gatlyn. Xavier died in May 2008, shortly after he was born. Xzibit has another son, Tremayne Marcell, who was born in 1995.

Joiner has gone back to court to get Xzibit, whose real name is Alvin Joiner, to pay her $230,000 for her legal debts due to the divorce, among other debts. According to court documents obtained by, Joiner stressed that Xzibit is making money from his cannabis businesses and can afford to pay her.

She went through his assets, noting that the couple made $579,000 from the sale of their marital home, and that Xzibit has a jewelry collection valued at $845,000 and a 2018 Rezvani Jeep worth $350,000.

She also revealed her ex plans to release a new album, and has performed overseas in the past few months.

Joiner, who told the court that she has had to borrow money from friends and family, said she is unemployed, “having to devote much of her time to these divorce proceedings” and to taking care of their son. She claims to be nearly bankrupt, Radar reports.

Legal Battles

Since the divorce filing, the former couple has been fighting over money.

In July 2022, Xzibit claimed he couldn’t afford spousal support while she charged that he has secretly stashed away millions.

At that time, Joiner told the court that Xzibit’s brother has divulged to her that Xzibit earns more than $1 million a month in cash from cannabis companies and stores and that he places the money in multiple locations using bank-sized vaults. The brother also revealed to her, she said, that he personally stashed $20 million for Xzibit.

In his response to Joiner’s spousal request, Xzibit claimed Joiner makes $175,000 annually in a salary and doesn’t need support.

Then in August 2022, Xzibit was ordered to pay his wife $6,000 monthly in child and spousal support after she hired a forensic accountant to determine his actual net worth.

Xzibit reportedly has a net worth of $500,000.

According to court documents, starting on Aug. 1, 2022, a judge ordered Xzibit to pay his wife $2,239 a month in child support for the next eight years. Additionally, he was ordered to pay $3,702 a month in temporary spousal support until further notice.

In November 2022, Joiner sued Xzibit once again. This time, she claimed he broke a verbal promise to financially support her for the rest of her life.

The filing document states: “During the time the parties maintained their relationship, (Xzibit) would combine his skills, efforts, labor, and earnings and would share equally with her and all property acquired and accumulated by him or by and through any entity in which he had an interest, or which increased in value or was entitled thereafter to acquire or accumulate.”

It continues: “In the event the parties’ relationship ended, all of the property acquired, or entities or businesses established, or which property or entities/businesses increased in value, during their relationship as a result of (Xzibit’s) skills, efforts, labor, and earnings, regardless of how the title was formerly held, would be divided equally between them.”    

Later that month, the artist fired back, saying Joiner opted not to work during their marriage and it was not due to any promise she claims he made to her. Xzibit said Joiner is mentally and physically able to work and has employment options.

Xzibit’s Money Matters

He has filed for bankruptcy twice — once in 2009 and again in 2010. He also owed the IRS nearly $1 million in back taxes in 2010. His 2010 bankruptcy filing indicated the artist had $793,433 worth of assets and $1.4 million worth of debts.

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