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Kanye Getting Back In Shoe Game with Trademark Application for ‘Socks with Leather Soles,’ Also Could Score Big from Adidas Announcing It’s Selling Off $1 Billion of Unsold Yeezys

Kanye West has filed a trademark for “YZY SOCK SHOES” this month, just a week before Adidas announced on May 11 it will sell off its remaining stock of Yeezy shoes and donate much of the money to charity. The inventory is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion.

LOS ANGELES, CA – MAY 13: Kanye West is seen on May 13, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Ye and his company, Mascotte Holdings Inc., has a shoe concept for “socks; socks with leather soles,” according to TMZ, which reported on the rapper and former billionaire’s latest trademark.

The trademark cover more than shoes. It also covers clothing, footwear, and headgear, according to the application. For non-clothing items, the trademark covers games, toys, and sporting goods as well. The submitted filing was accompanied by a drawing with the caption “Yzy sock shoes.”

The application was filed on May 4, according to celebrity trademark law firm Gerben Law.

In the Footsteps of Yeezy

Love him or hate him, West’s entry into the shoe wear industry with the Yeezy brand via Adidas was a success.

The first Yeezys were released in 2015, and they have been extremely popular ever since. They often sold out within minutes of being released, and they can still fetch high prices on the resale market. In 2020, the Yeezy line reportedly was worth $1.5 billion, and it accounted for about 8 percent of Adidas’s annual revenue, Business Insider reported.

The popularity of Yeezys can be attributed to a number of factors. They were designed by West. They are also made with high-quality materials, and, according to countless reviews, they are comfortable to wear. Additionally, they became a status symbol.

As Finurah previously reported, Adidas, which owns the rights to Yeezy’s designs while West owns the name, plans to sell Yeezy-like shoes without the Kanye West branding.

The company cut ties with West due to his anti-Semitic rants on Twitter, which also ended several of the rapper’s endorsement deals and retail partnerships.

However, when the company sells its inventory of shoes West is due to receive 15 percent of the sales, according to TMZ.

Other Yeezy Trademarks

Last year, the rapper filed 64 trademark applications for various variations of “Yeezyverse,” but none of them came to fruition. The applications were for various purposes. Additionally, in 2020, Ye’s holding company filed a trademark for Yeezy-branded cosmetics, makeup, and beauty products for “advertising and business,” as well as “medical, beauty, and agricultural.”

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