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Coach Prime Deion Sanders Shows Off His New Super Truck Valued At Over $150,000

Deion Sanders is settling into life out in the Wild West. The University of Colorado Boulder football coach recently showed off his latest purchase, a Ford F-650 truck, on social media. The massive vehicle is valued at $150,000 without any additional bells and whistles. 

(Photo: Instagram)

Sanders’ new super truck is tuxedo black, diesel-powered, and weighs 26,000 pounds, as reported by Curbed. It also includes personal touches such as the word “PRIME” engraved on the front grill. Sanders is known as Coach Prime.

Florida-born and raised Sanders seems to be embracing his new life out West. Shortly after purchasing a mansion in Longmont, Colorado, Sanders, who has a net worth of $40 million, was seen donning a cowboy hat at a recent game. And now he has the heavy-duty truck.

Coach Prime in Colorado

The Pro Football Hall of Fame member was hired to revive Colorado’s football team in December 2022. In his new position, Sanders is expected to earn $5.5 million in his first season, which includes a base salary of $500,000, $1.75 million for appearances, $1.75 million for promotion and fundraising, and $1.5 million for student-athlete development.

Sanders is considered the greatest cornerback in NFL history. He played professionally for 14 seasons for teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens. Sanders was also a Major Leader Baseball outfielder for nine seasons, playing for the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds. After his retirement, Sanders was a sports analyst before serving as the head football coach for the Jackson State University Tigers. 

Keep on Truckin’

With his new coaching gig at the University of Colorado Boulder, it seems unlikely that Sanders will have any problem paying for such an expensive truck. But the real question that remains is: For what will Sanders use the truck? 

The Ford F-650 is often used to haul heavy materials to construction or ranching sites — not for leisure drives on the highway. The truck features a 7.3L V8 gas engine, which is exclusive to this class of trucks. In addition, the truck includes lane departure warning and forward collision warning — all part of its Driver-Assist Technologies. 

But Sanders seems to have a love of autos. The consummate athlete often was seen driving a Lamborghini Diablo, to drop off his children to school and arrive at a Super Bowl game. He also owns a GMC van and several Ford pickup trucks.

After he posed for several photographs with his new truck, Front Office Sports shared one with its Twitter followers. An unattributed caption reads, “You gotta jump like Ja Morant to get in my car.”  It was a reference to the Memphis Grizzlies basketball star Morant, who was suspended recently after flashing a gun on Instagram Live.

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