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Nicki Minaj Sued for $26K Over Damaged Jewelry, Lawsuit Filed Days Before New Album Announcement

A jeweler has filed a lawsuit against hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj and her stylist for damaged jewelry. Minaj’s lawyers, however, are arguing that the jeweler is merely seeking publicity, and admit to no wrongdoing. 

Nicki Minaj onstage during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Variety via Getty Images)

“We have not been presented with any evidence that any of the jewelry at issue was damaged by Nicki,” Jordan Siev, Minaj’s attorney, told TMZ. “This lawsuit appears to be nothing more than an ordinary insurance claim by the jeweler designed to generate publicity for itself and extract a payment to which it is not entitled. We will defend the lawsuit vigorously.” 

Roseark, a West Hollywood jewelry boutique, is suing Minaj for $26,239.50 plus interest, claiming the shop sent several invoices to Minaj’s stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, for loaned jewelry that was returned late and damaged.  

Something Borrowed, Something Broken

The jewelry store loaned Minaj jewelry to be worn at special events. Nelson reportedly signed an agreement for the items, which also stipulated that the jewelry be returned within a week and an understanding that he and Minaj were responsible for any damages. 

However, the claim alleges that Nelson did not return 66 pieces of jewelry on time. In addition, of the items returned, reportedly a set of earrings and a leaf ring showed damage. 

According to TMZ, a source of Minaj’s refutes these claims, arguing that all of the inventory was returned in a timely manner. The source close to Minaj also claims that Roseark only complained about jewelry after the boutique had the pieces in their possession for a lengthy period of time. 

Upcoming Album 

Roseark’s lawsuit against Minaj and her stylist came days after the hip-hop artist announced her album release date of Oct. 20, 2023, on Twitter, sharing emojis of a CD and a pink bow. 

This is Minaj’s first album since 2018 when she released “Queen,” which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and was certified platinum. 

Since then, Minaj, whose net worth reportedly is $150 million, has been busy; she married her childhood friend, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, in 2019, and welcomed her son in September 2020. 

Minaj’s untitled album will be released on her record label, Heavy On It. Minaj also will be featured on the “Barbie” soundtrack in July.

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