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Looking to Have a Wedding in Hawaii? It’s Going to Cost You. The State is One Most Expensive Places to Get Married

By Natasha Solo-Lyons

Getting married is expensive, but just how much the event costs depends a lot on location.

While couples are known to spend six-figures (or more) on lavish nuptials, the average wedding in the US costs as much as $28,000, according to a study by financial-information provider SmartAsset.

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They compared savings rates, median household income and event costs to determine how many years it would take a couple living together to save for a wedding in various places around the US, assuming the couple received no financial help.

Hawaii, California and New York are home to some of the costliest weddings in the country, the report found.

Weddings are generally cheapest in the South, led by Tuscaloosa, Alabama, though local wages may hinder savings rates in these areas, the study says. 

Even in places where median wedding costs are lower, the expense of the event can still feel out of reach. It can take close to a decade to save for the average American wedding, the study found. In places like Binghamton, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio, folks can expect to spend close to nine years saving for the big day.

In more-affordable parts of the US, saving for a wedding could take about half as much time. In Waco, Texas, and Tuscaloosa it takes less than five years for locals to save up. 

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