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Lamar Odom Claims Former Manager Stole Brooklyn Home from Him, Forged His Signature to Take Possession of the Property

Former NBA star Lamar Odom has filed a lawsuit against his former manager for allegedly forging his signature to steal a home he owns.

Odom’s attorney, Zachary G. Meyer, filed the lawsuit on June 14 against ex-manager Tonita Bybee, whom Odom claims he fired in May 2022.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 26: Lamar Odom attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

Bybee is Odom’s former brand manager, and she is accused of orchestrating “a scheme of abject fraud and identity theft” in order to gain possession of a home the NBA player owns in Brooklyn, New York, among other claims.

The lawsuit claims Bybee “has inflicted no less than one million USD ($1,000,000.00) of fiscal damages” … “by virtue of her fraudulent transfer, identity theft, conversion, embezzlement, and other such frauds.”

Odom, a Queens native, a two-time NBA champion as a power forward for the Lakers, and a gold medalist in the FIBA World Championship, has an estimated $30 million net worth.

Bybee told People that Odom was “taking advantage of my… kindness as a person and a professional” by launching the action, and that he was aware of all her efforts on his behalf.

Home Transfer Drama

Odom claims that Bybee forged his signature to transfer ownership of a house that has been in his family for 30 years and is currently occupied by his aunt, Carol Janean Mercer, to EK Management, which owns the “home equity cash-out lease-back” company EasyKnock Inc. Bybee denies the forgery claim, claiming she has “legal power of attorney to sign on his behalf” since October 2021.

Radar’s follow-up report on June 16 states that months before the NBA icon accused her of stealing his home, Bybee filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

According to the documents, she listed assets between $0 and $50,000 and liabilities between $50,000 and $100,000. Bybee claimed to have earned $10,000 between January and April 2023, despite having earned $0 the previous year in 2021. She did not keep track of her business income.

When the form asked whether she owned, leased or had an equitable interest in any automobiles, Bybee answered “no.” She made the same statement for household goods and furnishings.

Odom has been in the spotlight due to his documented connection with Khloe Kardashian as her ex-husband and his struggle with drug addiction, which led to an overdose in a Nevada brothel in 2015. He remained in the hospital for several weeks and was in a coma for a few days. He recovered completely and was discharged from the hospital in January 2016.

In 2022, he invested invested in three drug treatment centers in California. The Odom Wellness Treatment Centers are located in San Diego, El Cajon, and Lemon Grove.

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  1. Tonita know says:

    I fully believe Lamar on this one. This girl owes me money too. Fraudster.

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