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‘I’m a Businesswoman Now’: Singer-Actress Fantasia Is Set to Unveil New Swimwear Line After Filing for Bankruptcy Twice

Grammy Award-winning singer Fantasia has lots going on. She’s on a nationwide tour; she recently performed at the Essence Fest, where she was surprised by Oprah Winfrey with a 39th birthday celebration, she and she just starred in Winfrey’s remake of “The Color Purple,” which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Now the actress has announced a new swimwear line: Addies Place.

Fantasia on a Branding Streak

She announced the new venture on her Instagram account. Besides the swimwear, she also promoted an upcoming candle brand and a nightgown line.

“Do you remember when swimwear was sexy yet classy? I want to bring that vibe back with exclusive Nightgowns, swimwear, and Beautiful Candle launch coming soon @addiesplacellc! In Honor of my Grandmother Coming Soon!!!” Fantasia wrote in a caption for a photo of her relaxing on a pool inflatable while wearing a vintage-inspired white swimsuit.  

(Photo: Instagram, @addiesplacellc)

Her grandmother, Apostle Addie Collins, passed away in 2015.

Fantasia might be on to something with her upcoming swimwear line. In 2021, the global swimwear market was worth $21.43 billion. The market is expected to hit $30.5 billion by 2028, growing at a steady compound annual growth rate of 5.8 percent, market research firm SkyQuest Technologies reported.

Fantasia has yet to publicly share the price points or the release date for her swimwear line.

Business on Her Mind

There was a time when Fantasia struggled with money management. During the course of her career, she had had to file for bankruptcy twice — in 2005, shortly after winning the third season of “American Idol,” and in 2013. She found herself spending more money than she was making, dealing with a team that was stealing from her, and taking on family debt, as Finurah previously reported.

Fantasia is studying business education at one of the country’s oldest historically Black colleges and universities: Central State University, as Finurah previously reported.

In an interview with People earlier this year, Fantasia said her intentions are to better herself as a businesswoman and to be an inspiration to her three children: Dallas Xavier, 11; daughter Zion Quari, 21; and her 2-year-old daughter Keziah. 

“I’m a businesswoman now and I desire to continue to sharpen my sword and better my craft,” Fantasia said. “I want to break generational curses. When it comes to my family, my girls, my children, I want to show them that no matter what she’s been through, you can always get back and go after it again, and that’s what I am doing.”

“The Color Purple

The buzz is already growing for “The Color Purple” film. Fantasia reprises her award-winning role as Celie. The 2004 “American Idol” winner played the role from 2007 to 2008, during the original Broadway run.

Winfrey starred in the controversial original film, and is a producer on the remake.

The official trailer for “The Color Purple,” featuring Fantasia, Halle Bailey, H.E.R. and Taraji P. Henson, was released in May, and has since gained more than 9.1 million views.

The movie will be in theaters on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

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  1. Anita Darby says:

    I very happy for Fantasia and Family I pray she continues with 100% return with blessing God in Jesus Christ name what a inspiration. Waiting for the color purple.9

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