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Lost Treasures: The Game Loses Thousands of Dollars In Valuables After Storage Unit Auctioned Off for Non-Payment. Here’s What Was Inside

Rapper The Game has a history of being embroiled in public feuds, missing court appearances, and refusing to pay civil judgments. And now, his inability to keep up payments on a storage unit has caused the artist to lose some valuable mementos. 

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The Game, who is not only a hip-hop artist but also an entrepreneur, has a net worth of $10 million. He got his start in the music industry by working with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment. Signed with G-Unit, The Game released five well-received studio albums between 2005 and 2012. He has sold more than 10 million records internationally and was nominated for two Grammy Awards. As an entrepreneur, he established his own label, Black Wall Street Records, and later Blood Money Entertainment. The Game has also appeared on several reality shows, including “Marrying the Game” and films such as “Waist Deep” and “Street Kings.” 

It is unclear why The Game stopped making payments on the Los Angeles-area storage unit or if he was even aware that it was up for auction. However, here is what is known, according TMZ: The unit was placed up for auction this month. A woman named Carol and her son purchased the 10-by-20-foot unit for $1,000. The family then spent $1,400 to get rid of unwanted furniture and other items in the space. 

The buyers discovered that the unit belonged to The Game after unpacking photographs. And then, they found thousands of valuable items, including a framed, signed jersey from basketball player Allen Iverson, artwork depicting The Game, awards, clothes, shoes, accessories, and a guitar. 

The new unit owners learned someone on The Game’s team placed the items in storage after The Game moved out of his residence, TMZ reported. A member of The Game’s team visited the unit recently and removed several items. The rest of the unit was signed off for the auction because The Game did not want to pay rent. 

One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure 

As the new unit owners reportedly are looking to turn a profit on the items left behind and noted they’d like to sell these items back to The Game as many of them are personal in nature. 

However, if The Game does not want to repurchase the items, the owners can auction off the mementos.

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