From Wife of a $300 Million Man to Boss Mom: How Ciara Made Her Own Millions in Music, Fashion, Publishing

For two decades fans have been checking for Ciara’s goodies, caring about what she wears, where she is going, when music is coming out, how many kids she has, and who she is loving. Recently, there has been a new interest in a particular aspect of the Atlanta native’s life: her multi-million dollar business portfolio.

Ciara (Photo via Instagram)

The 37-year-old multi-hyphenate, whose full name is Ciara Wilson, has an estimated net worth of $20 million— apart from her very rich husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who recently signed a deal with his NFL franchise for $245 million.

The busy mother and businesswoman has three children — Future, 9; Sienna, 6; and Win, 3— and is expecting a new baby, her third with Wilson. She has one child by rapper Future.

The new baby was announced on social media, days after she announced she was about to drop a new musical project. Interestingly enough the marketing mind that is Ciara combined both announcements as a way to get maximum attention.

How Ciara Stacked Her Music Dollars

As she prepares to bring new life into the world, she is also managing several businesses.

Ciara has been a chart-topping singer since graduating from high school in 2003, recording her hit songs “1, 2, Step” and “Thug Style” while she was still a student.

By the next year, she dropped her debut album “Goodies,” which yielded three hits on the US Billboard Top 200. With seven studio albums and one project on the way, the chart-topper has been a staple for DJs interested in dance music.

The music has allowed her to also be able to tour and act.

She made her acting debut in the film “All You’ve Got.” Her biggest acting opportunity was announced in March 2023, the “Like You” singer will appear among the star-studded “Color Purple” cast.

Expanding Her Brand

Outside of being an entertainer, Ciara is also a businesswoman with a skin care line, children’s book, fashion collection, rum brand, and education-forward foundation, understanding what it means to level up.

She launched her own record label Beauty Marks Entertainment which is distributed through Republic Records and Uptown Records.  She drops all of her music via this portal, shifting from being just an artist to an executive.

“I always try to level up,” she said in an interview with Business Travel USA. “The scars that we get from the obstacles we face in life are actually our beauty marks. I mean that literally, down to the actual stretch marks on my skin from giving birth to my babies. Those are beauty marks.”

She adds, “Altogether, they represent everything. The challenges, the adversity, it all represents the journey. And when you persevere through that journey, it’s really beautiful.”

Outside of music, Ciara is in the spirits industry, investing in an award-winning Caribbean rum, Ten To One, becoming the co-owner and director, and has launched her own skin care line called OAM (On a Mission). OAM is a clinical skin care line created for women of all races and skin tones.

A lot of her boss moves are made with her husband. Alongside her husband, she is part owner of the champion Seattle Sounders soccer team.

The two have a clothing venture. In 2020, she and her husband launched an apparel company called The House of LR&C (Love, Respect & Care) with retail veteran Christine Day.

LR&C puts out a menswear line called Good Man Brand, a contemporary women’s brand called LITA by Ciara, and a gender-inclusive streetwear line called Human Nation.

Also, 3% of every purchase goes to the Why Not You Foundation, a charitable organization started by Wilson. The nonprofit fights poverty through education and youth empowerment. It also has endowed a charter school, the Why Not You Academy, in Des Moines.

Why Not You is also the name of their film production company. This entertainment brand has been associated with Amazon Prime Video since 2021 and has positioned her yet again in another lane of entertainment as a boss.

She also released with her husband a children’s book titled after the family brand, “Why Not You?”

A mother, wife, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, brand ambassador, model, actor, television host, author, and fashion designer, Ciara is showing folk “da girls” can do it all.

“I’m a human before anything. I’ve never thought that I should be limited by the color of my skin or my gender. I’ve simply believed in my vision for what I want to do and how I want to do it,” she said. “Being a female entrepreneur, you definitely face moments when you have to speak up a little louder and make sure your message cuts through. And I’m always up for that challenge.”

While doing it all might seem exciting, Ciara says she does have a favorite job. It’s being a mom.

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  1. Inspired by the grind Ciara have and her positive vibe toward business. I wanted to become an inventor and with the same vibe I acquired my dream. My ene2drinks canteen has a patent. Never give up and let nothing or no one determine who you can become. Thanks Ciara

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