Jay-Z’s Iconic 40/40 Manhattan Club Shutters Doors, Teases Relocation Plans

The 40/40 Club, an upscale sports lounge co-owned by Jay-Z, has been a fixture in Manhattan’s Flatiron District for about 20 years. That site has now closed. But it will not be the end of the popular nightspot. The 40/40 Club will reopen in a new location in 2024.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AUGUST 28: Jay-Z attends the 40/40 Club 18th Anniversary at 40 / 40 Club on August 28, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

The lounge originally opened on Oct. 20, 2003, and was the flagship location for about 20 years. The company’s official statement reads, “We are currently closed but will reopen at a new location in February 2024,” The New York Daily News reported.

The 40/40 Club has other locations, including one at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, another site in Chicago, and a smaller version at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Other locations in Las Vegas and Atlantic City had short-lived operations.

This is not the first time that the Flatiron District 40/40 Club has had to shut down. In 2011, the club located at 6 West 25th St. closed during a $10 million renovation and reopened in January 2012.

The 411 on the 40/40 Club

The 40/40 Club gets its name from the remarkable accomplishment of hitting 40 home runs and stealing 40 bases in a single season in Major League Baseball. This feat has only been achieved by Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, and Jose Canseco.

While the estimated cost of building the 40/40 Club in Manhattan has yet to be revealed, the Houston Chronicle reports that the Las Vegas location, which is no longer in operation and was located in the newly built Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino, cost $20 million in 2007.

Similarly, Forbes could not report on flagship cost, but it noted the former Atlantic City location cost $4 million in 2005.

The Vegas location of the 40/40 Club closed down in 2008.

Although the club had a strong appeal, its reputation was tarnished by allegations of labor mistreatment in 2011, with carpentry workers protesting against The 40/40 Club. A year later, Jay-Z sued the lounge’s former chef, Mike Shand, for $1.5 million due to a failed revamp of the food menu.

Additionally, in 2012, the club was shut down by a health inspector for 69 health-code violations (equivalent to a C rating), as reported by TimeOut, citing an article from Eater.

Jay-Z is a big sports fan, and he — alongside Roc Nation partners Juan and Desiree Perez — wanted to create a place where people could come together to watch sports and celebrate the best athletes in the world. The Flatiron District lounge is considered to be the premier location known for its upscale atmosphere and its celebrity clientele.

It is a popular spot for sports fans, musicians, and other celebrities to mingle and watch the game. The 40/40 Club has left its mark on New York’s rich and glamorous society, having appeared in a number of films and television series, including “Sex and the City” and “Entourage.” It’s a popular attraction for both visitors and residents.

The sports bar outgrew its initial purpose by becoming a favorite hangout for the hip-hop elite. It held album releases, celebrity birthday parties, and movie premiere after-parties.

According to The Daily News, non-celebrities might also rent out portions of the arena for private gatherings. One notable gathering was during the COVID-19 lockdown 2021; Megan Thee Stallion, Swizz Beatz, Lil Uzi Vert, Victor Cruz, and Beyoncé attended 40/40’s 18th-anniversary party.

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