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Floyd Mayweather Helps 70 Families Evacuate from Devastating Maui Wildfires, Covering Nearly All Their Expenses

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather is often criticized for flaunting his wealth, but now he is using some of his $400 million fortue to help others.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 24: Floyd Mayweather During the 2nd annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards at The Beverly Hilton on June 24, 2022 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Prince Williams/Getty Images)

In the wake of the catastrophic wildfires that have ravaged Maui, Mayweather has stepped forward to offer critical support to several families affected by the devastating disaster. 

According to the latest reports, at least 99 people have died due to the wildfires that erupted across Maui on Aug. 8 and still burn. The devastation has displaced thousands of people, according to FEMA. CNN reported that as of Aug. 12, a total of 1,418 people were at emergency evacuation shelters.

A Helping Hand

Mayweather, who has won 15 world boxing championships across five weight classes, reached out to support the victims by covering the expenses of their evacuation. A total of 68 families received aid from Mayweather, who arranged flights to Honolulu, located 104 miles away from Maui, TMZ reported.

Mayweather also provided the families with hotel accommodations for several weeks. And, he coordinated with local restaurants to ensure the families had access to meals during their displacement. Mayweather partnering with H&M to secure clothing for the families as well.

Mayweather’s efforts stand alongside others like The Rock and Oprah Winfrey, who have also extended a helping hand to the Maui community.

Oprah, who owns a massive stretch of property on the island, personally distributed supplies to survivors at a local rescue center.

According to TMZ, the outlet reached out to Mayweather for comment “and while Mayweather confirmed the incredible deed, he said he was not looking to garner attention.”

Mayweather Property

While it does not seem the mutli-millionaire owns property in Maui, he does have significant real estate holdings. As Finurah previously reported, Mayweather has said he is an investor with a real estate firm that owns nine skyscrapers, including One Vanderbilt, a 93-story skyscraper in Manhattan.

Mayweather owns multiple properties, including a lavish 21,000-square-foot mansion in Las Vegas where he resides. It is worth $10 million. He also has a $25 million Los Angeles mansion with its own candy shop, a 12-seat cinema, and a wine cellar.

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