Kanye West’s Iconic Album ‘The College Dropout’ Transformed into LEGO-Inspired Video Game

Kanye West’s first album, “The College Dropout,” is being adapted as a LEGO-inspired video game.

Online content creator TheCanvasDon unveiled of a new video game inspired by Kanye West’s groundbreaking debut album. Named The College Brickout, this game is set to be exclusively available on desktop computers and is scheduled for release on Aug. 18. The mascot for West’s iconic album included an image of a bear.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 21: Kanye West is seen on October 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The teaser trailer for the creator’s innovative game brings the universe of Kanye’s iconic bear to life. This captivating teaser suggests that the game is inspired by modified version of an official LEGO video game, seemingly tailored to PlayStation 2 aesthetics.

Ready to Play

Kanye West, known now as Ye, does not appear to be directly involved with TheCanvasDon’s fan project. The game, co-created by TheCanvasDon and fellow LEGO content creator Crushmyex, offers a standard and deluxe edition. These include a mock PlayStation game case, a CD, and a downloadable game file, exclusively available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

The game was developed on Unreal Engine 5, the latest iteration of Epic Games’ renowned Unreal Engine, a comprehensive suite of game development tools.

Beyond the digital realm, TheCanvasDon has also ventured into creating tangible versions of The College Brickout using LEGO-inspired pieces. These exclusive, limited-time set boxes, priced at $100, allow fans to recreate the game experience in real life. Notably, TheCanvasDon’s artistic process does not explicitly state whether he utilizes authentic LEGO pieces in his creations.

TheCanvasDon transforms Ye’s famous cartoon bear, featured on albums like “The College Dropout,” “Late Registration,” and “Graduation,” into three distinct types of figurines. However, these figurines, which were on pre-order, are already unavailable due to their rapid sell-out.

“All custom figures are printed and packed in custom display cases. These figures represent some of my favorite artists! New figures will be coming in the future…,” TheCanvasDon said on his official website. “All figures are limited edition. Once sold out, the figure will not be purchasable. After the initial release, restocks on figures happen once or twice depending on the popularity of the figure.”

As for the albums themselves, their impact on hip-hop is undeniable. “The College Dropout” (Feb. 10, 2004) achieved worldwide sales of 4 million copies, while “Late Registration” (Aug. 30, 2005) reached 6.3 million copies sold globally. “Graduation” (Sept. 11, 2007) sold a staggering 13 million copies worldwide.

Not LEGO Official

While the game draws inspiration from the world of LEGO, it is not officially affiliated with the LEGO Group. A disclaimer accompanying the project clarifies that LEGO is a registered trademark of the LEGO Groups of companies and that the LEGO Group is not responsible for the customized or modified products and sets showcased in the game.

There have been no reports about LEGO’s response to the game, although TheCanvasDon does not make mention of LEGO on his website.

Also, there has been no official response from Ye’s reps.

LEGO official or not, video games are still a hot ticket. The global video game industry has been a lucrative business for several years, projected to generate approximately $347 billion in revenue in 2022, with mobile gaming contributing to around $248 billion, according to market research firm Statista.

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