Cam’ron and Ma$e Secure $30M Deal to Transform Their Podcast Into a Backed Sports Series with Underdog Fantasy

The sports podcast “It Is What It Is,” co-hosted by Cam’ron and Ma$e, is undergoing a major transition. The Harlem duo reportedly has decided to turn their self-produced podcast into a fully backed series, securing an eight-figure deal.

(Left to RIght) Cam’ron and Ma$e (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

On August 18, the rappers partnered with Underdog Fantasy, a prominent sports betting network, inking a substantial $30 million contract, according to multiple reports. The rebranded series made its return in the beginning week of September, coinciding with the onset of the football season on August 21.

It Is What It Is

Specifics like Underdog Fantasy’s long-term vision, intellectual property discussions, regulatory issues, and branding issues have not been publicly addressed. Considering the hosts’ excitement about the deal, all signs suggest they are OK with it.

“Yo @rsvpmase now we even. It’s ya go again. Pause lol. All jokes aside thank you for everything. Now let’s go kĩll these n-ggas! @itiswhatitis_talk BIG HARLEM!! THE BIGEST!!! PAWS And thank you @underdogfantasy,” Cam’ron wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you Nick [Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy]. We appreciate you seeing the true value of It is What it Is,” Cam’Ron added.

The rapper, whose full name is Cameron Ezike Giles, has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

In celebration, and in part, an explanation, Cam posted the moment he, Ma$e, and Green signed their contracts with a song explaining his intentions.

Ma$e, whose full name is Mason Durell Betha and has net worth of $8 million, co-owns the podcats and hosts a separate show called “Fix My Situation,“ a spiritual advice program where he leverages his former pastor status to guide the audience.

The overall partnership reflects a dynamic trend in the entertainment industry, where content creators seek lucrative partnerships with sports betting giants to amplify their reach and impact. 

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