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‘One Job Is Enough’: TikTok Mom Declares $100K a Year Is the New $50K. Rejects Second Job Trend, Offers 3 Clever Money-Saving Hacks

Rising costs have made many Americans take on second jobs or join the gig economy to make ends meet. But a TikTok influencer recently declared that while she will not be taking on extra work to meet the demands of rising inflation, she will be focused on making sure her pay can cover her finances.

Shay (Photo: TikTok,

TikTok creator @shayjo21 or Shay, recently posted a video with a caption that read, “$100,000 a year is the new $50,000 a year #fixitjesus.” In the reel, Shay shared the many items that have increased in price as a result of inflation “Grapes, “Grapes: $7, eggs: $5, homes: half a million dollars, cars: 40 grand (used — and it could be a Mazda, they don’t care).”

The reel went viral, and has received more than 1.2 million views, 147,000 likes and over 5,300 comments, proving that many Americans are also feeling the crunch from rising inflation. 

Work/Life Balance Overrides Inflation: Budgeting and Managing Finances 

A 2022 survey conducted by Bank of America found that 28 percent of respondents are applying for a second job because of the costs associated with inflation, but this is not an option for Shay. 

“I can’t work two jobs,” she said in her reel. “So, whoever needs to fix it, please fix it. Because it’s to the point now where working 40 hours a week ain’t enough — but I’m going to make it enough.”

Many viewers agreed with Shay, adding their ideas about managing finances. 

“Clocking out then having to clock in somewhere else 30 minutes later is CRAZY,” said one commenter. 

Another added, “my vision is blurry at 9 a.m. baby!!!”

If working a second job or joining the gig economy is not an option, there are other ways to find extra money. Bank of America survey results found that one of 77 percent of respondents are shifting their spending at the grocery store by: choosing generic food brands over name-brand items; purchasing in bulk and relying on frozen or canned produce versus fresh fruits and vegetables. Finally, an additional 15 percent has stopped paying for grocery delivery, a convenience that comes with a hefty cost.  

Three Hacks

1. Budget, and Stick to it: In addition, making the decision to utilize a monthly budget will support people with understanding their needs versus desires, while still making space for savings. 

As one commenter added on Shay’s reel, she is “learning to live simple and stay on budget.” 

2. Pay Down Debt: In addition to managing a budget, it is also essential to pay down debt. Bank of America’s survey revealed that 26 percent of respondents is only making minimum payments on their loans. Paying debt on time is important to keeping your credit score intact and maintaining a budget.

If you’re struggling “to keep the d–n lights on,” like one of Shay’s commenters, it is essential to pay your bills on time, which will support you in managing your budget effectively. 

3. Give Your Income a Boost: You could become a social media influencer like Shay, or try some passive income hacks like selling unused or unwanted items online, renting out space in your home or garage, or even get a roommate.

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