Rapper and Activist Killer Mike Used Proceeds of First Advance to Invest In Property; Encourages Black Americans to Focus on Finances and Entrepreneurship

Killer Mike long has been an advocate for Black Americans to use money wisely to develop stronger personal finances and community economics.

Killer Mike (Photo via Instagram)

The rapper, producer, entrepreneur and social activist recently shared his thoughts on Black economics on the podcast and YouTube channel “My Expert Opinion.” During the interview, Killer Mike revealed how he used his first advance money as a new artist to invest in his future. 

“When I got that first $60,000 check off rap music, I bought my first investment property,” he told My Expert Opinion. “I said If I wanna be free I gotta be free. I have to figure something else out. I can’t keep begging a record company to believe in these radical Black ideas. Eventually, you have to become these ideas.” 

Killer Mike: More Than Lyrics And Appearances 

A native of Atlanta, Georgia., Killer Mike reportedly has a net worth of $5 million. He made his debut as a lyricist on “Snappin and Tappin,” a song featured on OutKast’s album “Stankonia,” and he also appeared on the single “The Whole World.” His most popular single is “A.D.I.D.A.S,” featuring Big Boi of OutKast and rapper Sleepy Brown. The single charted in the United States, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As the founder of Grind Time Official Records, Killer Mike has released six solo studio albums and four mixtapes. Killer Mike also has appeared in several films, including “20 Funerals,” “Idlewild” and “ATL.”  

In an interview with Money, Killer Mike defined his career as being one “where you can make an exceptional amount of money,” and also use one’s influence to transform communities. 

Belief In Black Economics 

Killer Mike developed his beliefs concering economic empowerment — a concept he learned growing up in the Collier Heights section of Atlanta. 

“[There were] rich Black people, middle class Black, working Black people all in this neighborhood together,” Killer Mike told Money. “I understood that people who capitalism worked for were not necessarily evil people in that they paid taxes, and those taxes went to our schools.”

Today, when Killer Mike is not performing or in the recording studio. As an entrepreneur, community activist and co-founder of Greenwood Bank, an online financial institution supporting Black Americans, Killer Mike is invested in Black Americans building generational wealth. 

In 2011, Killer Mike opened Graffiti’s Swag, a barbershop with his wife and business partner, Shana Render. 

“I felt good about getting behind something that would allow people the autonomy to grow their own power, in terms of their own personal finance and as a community,” said Render.

“I want to see young African American men employed, without having to continue to beg people for employment,” Killer Mike told Barberschools.org. “I want to see barbers earning disposable income, treating it like a regular salaried job, and I want to see them invest in other things — real estate, a cause, whatever. I want them to have an opportunity for real economic elevation.”

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