Halle Berry and Van Hunt’s Relationship Heats Up But She Will Demand Prenuptial Agreement to Protect $90 Million Fortune, Report Claims

Halle Berry seems to be head over heels in love with singer Van Hunt, but that won’t stop her from requesting a prenuptial agreement if the couple decides to head down the aisle, a report this week claims. 

Van Hunt and Halle Berry (Photo: Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/p/CtJ6aGNuHDE/?img_index=1)

Berry has a current net worth of $90 million and has been married three times. She married baseball player David Justice in 1993 and their marriage ended in 1997. After dating R&B singer Eric Benet for two years, the couple married in 2001. But by 2003, she was separated from Benet after he completed a treatment program for sex addiction. Their divorce was finalized in 2005.

Berry married Olivier Martinez in 2013. And while Berry and Martinez announced their divorce in 2015, it would not be finalized until August 2023. As part of her settlement, Berry agreed to pay Martinez $8,000 per month in child support for their son Maceo. In addition, she agreed to pay him 4.3 percent of any revenue earned over $2 million. 

Enduring a legal battle that took close to eight years to complete was difficult for Berry. However, RadarOnline reports that its sources say that Hunt, whom she began dating in 2020, was “super understanding” during the process.

Yet despite Hunt’s support, Berry is being cautious, sources say. Hunt, who is a musician best known for his cover of the song “Family Affair” has a net worth of $2 million. According to Radar Online, its contacts say Berry will take measures necessary to protect her fortune. 

A Match Made In Quarantine 

Berry and Hunt met in 2020. The couple made a connection virtually and soon began dating. 

“We were forced to let only our brains connect and discover if we had a connection before our bodies decided to get involved,” Berry said in an interview with AARP: The Magazine. “I’d never done it this way. I fell in love with his mind, his conversation.”

By September 2020, Berry confirmed their relationship when she took a photograph donning Hunt’s tour cap. She posted the photograph on her Instagram account with the caption, “now ya know,” along with heart and foot emojis. 

Since then, the couple has shared their sentiments online about each other. 

“When you’re loved and supported as a woman, everything changes,” Berry said in a 2021 interview with Extra. “The day looks brighter, everything looks better. Your opportunity seems limitless.”

And Hunt it seems, feels no different. 

“This is the woman I love,” Hunt wrote in an Instagram post. “Behind the mask she makes me laugh til I hurt. I see her behind the mask. I always have.”

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