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DJ Envy Investor Speaks Out On Lawsuit Against Radio Personality Over Partnership Gone Bad

A former business partner of DJ Envy is not holding back as he takes shots at the legally embattled radio host, labeling him a fraud and calling into question his manhood.

DJ Envy (Photo via Instagram,

On Oct. 5, a dissatisfied former partner named Jose “The Credit Dude” Rodriguez took to Instagram to accuse Power 105.1’s DJ Envy of real estate investment fraud, citing his interactions with the renowned New York host and his alleged associates.

The Credit Dude has a credit repair company called Clean Slate Credit Solutions. He’s suing DJ Envy. And DJ Envy is suing him.

The lawsuits revolve around a business arrangement where Envy received a 25 percent stake in Rodriguez’s credit repair company, Clean Slate Credit Solutions, in return for promoting the business.

Envy started his own legal action, contending that Rodriguez withheld crucial financial details of the company, depriving him of the ability to determine the value of his 25 percent ownership stake.

The Back Story

RaaShaun Casey, popularly known as DJ Envy, received company shares in exchange for promoting the business. However, disputes arose between him and Rodriguez, leading to reciprocal lawsuits. DJ Envy claimed that Rodriguez had kept financial information from him, which hindered his understanding of the value of his 25 percent stake.

In response, Rodriguez countersued, alleging that DJ Envy failed to fulfill his promotional responsibilities, endorsed rival businesses, and compelled Rodriguez to hire DJ Envy’s executive assistant and lawyer at what The Credit Dude deemed an exorbitant salary.

“He gonna sit here and say he made The Credit Dude,” Rodriguez said, adding some disparaging references to DJ Envy’s sex life with his wife.

“F**k you, Envy,” he continued. “You gonna sit here and sue me, and you gonna sit here and hide beside the phone? What’s up, bro? You want to go to court? You want to sue me? I can’t wait until the day where people realize the piece of sh-t that you f**kin’ are, bro.”

Rodriguez is Suing

As per the lawsuit, Rodriguez characterized the overpayment to Envy as payola, explaining that it was in exchange for airtime on the radio. Clean Slate inadvertently overpaid Envy by approximately $385,000, which accounts for more than half of his total earnings of roughly $550,000 from the company.

Rodriguez’s allegations of DJ Envy’s questionable conduct follow closely on the heels of his more widely publicized dispute with two real estate investors who filed lawsuit against Envy in the Passaic County Superior Court in New Jersey on July 6.

Envy’s Other Problems

The Breakfast Club host is facing accusations of knowingly promoting his associates Cesar and Jennifer Piña. The former, who was previously incarcerated for credit card fraud and drug-related offenses, is at the center of this controversy.

Due to his promotion of the real estate projects by the husband and file, two people invested — investors Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini — and now claim that whole thing was a sham and they are suing Envy, and the Piñas.

Each have brought a suit for $1.5 million for money they invested in a real estate project in New Jersey that never materialized. For Envy’s part, he is claiming he too was duped by the Piñas, even though he conducted real estate seminars with them on several occasions and promoting their business on the radio show.


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