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Messy Divorce a Done Deal: Trevor Ariza to Shell Out $680K Lump Sum and $10K Monthly to Ex-Wife

Former NBA player Trevor Ariza and his ex-wife, Bree Anderson, have reached an agreement in their divorce settlement. 

According to court documents retrieved by RadarOnline, Ariza and Anderson came to an agreement in early October. The deal reveals that Ariza will pay $10,000 monthly in child support for their two children and cover all school and medical expenses. In addition, Ariza and Anderson will share joint custody of their children. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 27: Trevor Ariza #1 of the Los Angeles Lakers looks on against the New Orleans Pelicansduring the first half at Arena on February 27, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. The New Orleans Pelicans won 123-95. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

While Anderson will not receive spousal support, she reportedly will be receiving a one-time lump sum payment of $664,000 from Ariza. She is also to keep the home in San Diego, California, while Ariza will be able to keep the Playa Vista home. 

Both parties will have to remove their respective belongings from each other’s residences by December. In addition, Anderson will receive one-half interest in Ariza’s NBA retirement accounts, which include his 401K and pension plan. 

Each party will keep cars that are currently in their possession as well as their credit card bills. 

A Long Road to an Agreement 

Anderson filed for divorce in 2022 after four years of marriage. Since then, Anderson and Ariza argued about custody, child and spousal support during the divorce proceedings. Anderson originally requested $60,000 monthly in financial support. She argued that as a family, they lived a life of luxury, and their children should not have to change their lifestyle. Yet Ariza, who earned an estimated $116 million as an NBA player, submitted reports showing his inability to pay more than $3,000 monthly in spousal and child support. Ariza further argued that he used much of his savings during the divorce proceedings. Anderson also argued that Ariza could sell his assets to offset child and spousal support expenses. 

In their agreement, both Anderson and Ariza acknowledge that the child support order was the “result of negotiation and compromise and is not a guidance child support order, which Trevor has determined is $2,481,” according to RadarOnline. 

Documentation of Alleged Abuse Led to Divorce 

As part of the divorce proceedings, Anderson and Ariza have agreed not to directly communicate with each other and stay 50 feet away from each other at events for their children. Finally, they agreed not to make derogatory remarks about each other. 

These judgments stem from longstanding accusations of abuse made by Anderson against Ariza. Just months before filing for divorce, Anderson was awarded a temporary restraining order against Ariza. She argued that he made her uncomfortable by showing up unannounced at her home. Anderson accused him of using derogatory language in front of their children and also threatened to change the locks on her home. 

Anderson also shared that during the marriage, Ariza choked her until she was unconscious and included photographs. Her restraining was granted with Ariza being prohibited from coming near Anderson. Ariza denied these claims and argued that Anderson was violent throughout the relationship. As part of their agreement, the temporary restraining order was dismissed.

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