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Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Gets Green Light From Court to Go After Rapper’s Income Sources to Settle $500K Debt

Soulja Boy’s former girlfriend Kayla Myers has been given legal permission to access the rapper’s primary income sources until he resolves her debt, which exceeds half a million dollars.

Soulja Boy (Photo via Instagram,

As Finurah previously reported, Soulja Boy was held responsible for damages resulting from a 2019 assault that occurred during one of his infamous house parties in Malibu.

The lawsuit, initially filed in January 2021, mandated a payment to Myers of $471,800 in April, a sum that since has grown.

On Sept. 29, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge authorized Myers to access Soulja Boy’s residence in Bell Canyon, Los Angeles, with the aim of seizing assets and funds to settle his $502,000 debt, which must be paid in full.

A Look At Soulja Boy’s Assets

Soulja Boy’s current assets are fairly modest. Soulja Boy has three luxury vehicles (valued at 600,000): a yellow Bentley, a red Lamborghini, and a yellow Mercedes-Benz along with a “diamond-studded” neck chain worth $18,000 and bearing his stage name, and other jewelry, cash, and $50,000 in stock, according to court papers.

Myers said the rapper might have money lying around his house. She pointed to his social media, stating that he “regularly posts photographs on Instagram” of bookbags filled with cash.

She argues that if deputies walk with her through the property, she may be able to knock down some of the debt.

On Oct. 13 it was revealed that Myers now has access to the revenue generated by Soulja Boy’s music, including royalties from Universal Music Group, Interscope Records, Virgin Music, as well as earnings from streaming platforms such as YouTube through Google Adsense and Twitch TV, as reported by Radar.

Furthermore, Myers also has requested that she be entitled to all payments owed to Soulja Boy from Grizzly Peak Farms, a marijuana company associated with the rapper’s line of medical marijuana products.

According to the judge who presided over the case, Soulja Boy, who was once reported to have an estimated net worth somewhere between $10 and $30 million, might actually have a negative net worth.

Santa Monica Superior Court judge Mark Epstein denied Soulja Boy’s attempt to dismiss the case. However, the judge recommended that he cut expenses to settle the then-$472,000 judgment, considering his financial situation, Hypebeast reported.

The civil case revealed the rapper’s limited bank account balance and a $1 million tax lien, leading the judge to assess Soulja Boy’s net worth as negative due to his failure to provide financial records. Nonetheless, the court believes he can generate income to address his debt.

The judge advised him to reduce living expenses, stating, “Someone as financially tight as defendant [Soulja Boy] claims to be might consider downsizing living arrangements. $25,000 in monthly rent, even in Los Angeles, is substantial. There’s no apparent reason he couldn’t opt for a more ‘modest’ $10,000/month home. Additionally, the court is unaware of any outstanding debts aside from the tax debt and this judgment.”

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