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Report Claims New Jersey Judge Hit Angela Simmons with $48K Judgment In Back Rent Case

Angela Simmons could be in legal trouble after moving to the South to start a better life for her son. Her former landlord says she ditched the property she was legally tied to, leaving without paying what she owed, a new report claims.

Angela Simmons (Photo via Instagram, @angelasimmons)

In March 2022, the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star posted a video on her “Just Angela” YouTube channel giving her fans a tour of her new home in Georgia. She shared stories about her being afraid of the frogs and snakes around the house and that she chose to move from her old apartment to the Peach State so her son could be closer to family on his father Sutton Tennyson’s side.

She had posted in September of the previous year that she’d just bought the Atlanta-area home. Now TMZ is claiming the “New York City girl” had skipped out on her rent at her previous address

The celebrity news site says court documents state the landlord of her Fort Lee Co-op penthouse in Randolph, New Jersey, say she abandoned the property, leaving without paying more than $50,000 in rent fees, after signing a lease for the property in October 2019. According to the owner of the property, she initially started racking up late fees in late 2020 when she stopped paying the New Jersey home’s rent in full, TMZ reports.

Sources, however, do not give a time frame as to when Simmons was hit with this suit.

Simmons, who co-owned Pastry Footwear company and whose father is Rev. Run from RUN-DMC, was hit with a $48,704.40 default judgment after she failed to respond to the lawsuit in court, the outlet claims. As a result, the judge said she is responsible for not only the rent fees but also additional repairs.

The reality star has not responded to the litigation but has launched a new business on social media called “Angela’s Cakes.”

With an estimated net worth of $7 million, the entrepreneur has embarked on a new venture with Slutty Vegan’s Pinky Cole at The Sugar Factory, selling vegan pancake & funnel cake mix, which seems to be occupying all of her attention.

“I’ve known Pinky since she opened her restaurant, The Slutty Vegan, in Atlanta, and we’ve always stayed in touch,” she says in an interview with Forbes while explaining the origins of the company. “We sat down and discussed business. She had an idea, I had an idea, and we came together to birth a masterpiece, Angela’s Cakes.”

The product is available in select locations of The Sugar Factory and also online on its website.

It seems that even if she is late on rent, she knows how to run successful businesses.

In the past, Simmons and her sister Vanessa Simmons pulled in over $15 million in sales its first year and over $75 Million in sales throughout the years with their sneaker company.

She has also empowered her son to be a businessman, around the time she moved to Georgia, she announced that her ex-partner left her son a clothing company called Little Giants | Giant Shorties, making him at the age of 6, a CEO, hoping to build an empire for him as her dad did for her.

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