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Cam Newtown Claims Panthers Player Wanted $1 Million to Give QB His Jersey Number

Former NFL quarterback, Cam Newton recently disclosed that he was asked to pay a hefty sum to wear a sought-after jersey number.

In a video posted on Twitter/X by “2Cool2Blog, Newton said that Jimmy Clausen, a former quarterback for the Carolina Panthers tried to charge a staggering $1 million to wear No. 2.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – APRIL 30: Cam Newton attends 2022 Huncho Day Celebrity Football Game during Fan Controlled Football Season v2.0 – Week Three at Pullman Yards on April 30, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Prior to joining the Carolina Panthers for his 2011 NFL rookie season, he was compelled to select a jersey number he initially did not desire. This was due to backup quarterback Jimmy Clausen, who reportedly refused to part with the No. 2 jersey unless Newton paid him an exorbitant sum of $1 million.

Newton shared the exchange, stating, “He was like if you want it, you got to pay for it. I was like, cool, how much? He said a million. I said, ‘Boy, kiss my a**,’” emphasizing his disbelief at Clausen’s demand. Newton expressed his refusal, remarking that the asking price for a jersey number seemed excessive.

“I said bro people don’t make a million dollars in a lifetime, let alone I’m going to give you a million dollars just for a f***ing number,” Newson said in the video.

Newton Could Afford It

During his football career Newton amassed a substantial net worth, however, the exact amount is unknown. Some sources estimate the total to be roughly $75 million. According to Forbes, in 2020 Newton’s endorsement deals totaled around $5.5 million. Most of this money came from his partnerships with companies like Gatorade, Under Armour, Dannon, Belk, and Beats by Dre.

Paying For Jerseys

Several NFL players have engaged in transactions, either paying or gifting items, to secure their preferred jersey numbers. For instance, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, known for wearing No. 15, reportedly gave cornerback Josh Robinson a sizable donation to his charity for the rights to the number during their time with the New York Jets in 2012.

Similarly, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, who has become known as “Coach Prime” since he began stalking sidelines first at Jackson State and now for the Colorado Buffaloes, surprised Alundis Brice, his-then teammate on the Dallas Cowboys, with his dream car — a brand new, metallic blue BMW 325i in order to claim No. 21 for himself. Sanders joined the Cowboys in 1995.

Shelling out money for a specific jersey number become a notable aspect of sports culture. This practice, common across various sports leagues, often stems from players seeking a connection to a particular number with personal or sentimental significance. While some athletes view it as a financial investment or a means to enhance their brand.

Historically, the NFL has mandated that players seeking a change in jersey numbers must personally fund the purchase of the remaining stock of their old jerseys. In 2021, the league introduced updated regulations, stipulating that players are required to buy out the existing inventory of uniforms to facilitate a number change for the season.

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