Former NBA Star Dwight Howard Seeks Primary Custody of Daughter Amid His Sexual Assault Lawsuit By Male Friend

Dwight Howard is seeking primary custody of his daughter, for whom he currently pays child support to his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Render.

Howard, a former Los Angeles Lakers forward now playing basketball in Taiwan, provides $3,000 monthly in child support for his daughter, Layla Lo’Ren Howard.

Dwight Howard (photo via Instagram @dwighthoward)

Facing a “substantial change” in income, 2020 NBA champion Howard has filed a petition to modify the custody arrangement established with Render earlier this year. In the previous agreement, she was receiving $12,000 monthly.

Money does not seem to be the sole motivation for his decision to backtrack on the agreement. In his new petition, Howard accuses Render of breaching their deal by relocating Layla from Georgia to Florida without informing him.

Inside the Custody Battle

To relocate with a child, the custodial parent must provide written notice to the non-custodial parent and visiting family members within 30 days, or more, of the planned move. Howard claims this was not done so he wants the court to step in.

A native of Atlanta, Howard, whose net worth is estimated to be $140 million, also maintains visitation rights for Layla, 13.

The relocation, reportedly occurring in July 2023, according to RadarOnline, goes against the agreed-upon provision between Howard and Render, where Layla’s education holds priority for the basketball player. 

Howard is also troubled by Layla potentially encountering negative influences, citing TikTok videos where the teen is seen making “sexually inappropriate gestures” and gesturing disrespectfully toward the camera.

The petition’s most damning accusation is Howard’s claim that Render is exploiting their child for attention on the upcoming reality show “Basketball Wives Orlando.” This new version, distinct from the original three seasons, is a rebranded series featuring ex-wives of basketball stars residing in Orlando.

Consequently, Howard contends that the court should award him primary custody and cease Render’s child support.

Render has not responded to the petition yet.

Inside the Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The news of Howard having to sue his girlfriend coincides with his recent legal setback. 

The player is accused of assaulting a man named Stephen Harper, whom he reportedly first met when the two engaged in an online sexual hookup. The alleged assault happened in 2021 and Harper’s lawsuit claims that the basketball star wanted to involve a transgender individual named “Kitty” in the encounter, which made Harper uncomfortable. Harper claims Howard and Kitty sexually assaulted him.

Howard acknowledges engaging in the threesome with Harper and “Kitty,” but asserts that the relationship was consensual. As of now, a judge has not yet addressed the issue.

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