Lil Wayne, Facing $500K Lawsuit by Ex-Chef Citing, Requests Medical Examination to Challenge Claims

Lil Wayne’s former chef is suing him for six figures in damages related to an emotional distress and anxiety claim. The lawsuit is connected to what she believes was a wrongful termination. The Young Money businessman understands a little bit about civil court litigation and has countered, requesting a court-mandated medical examination for the chef to assess the validity of her claims.

Chef Morghan Medlock sued the “Lollipop” rapper in 2022 when he fired her after she had been working for him for two years, filing her federal complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court, according to documents obtained by Radar Online.

Why The Chef Is Suing

According to the claim, the woman was let go because she asked for time off to care for her 10-year-old child who had injured his head and needed to be taken to the hospital while she and her boss were in Las Vegas for the 2022 Memorial Day and she was to prepare meals for him and his guests.

The lawsuit asserts that she completed her tasks for the day, shut down, and went home. Medlock said she thought she was booked to fly with the Grammy Award-winning artist on a private jet, but because he was smoking, the flight refused to take off.

With time being an issue, she decided to book a commercial flight home to her child, telling Tunechi’s assistant, and not him, and without getting permission from her celebrity employer to take off.

As a result, Lil Wayne decided to let her go, telling his assistant to inform her that “this isn’t going to work.”

Medlock learned a couple of days after booking her flight Weezy no longer wanted her services.

The woman says she was traumatized by the abrupt termination and wants the court to penalize him for the firing, awarding her $500K in damages in her lawsuit.

Why Lil Wayne Doesn’t Want to Pay

The New Orleans native, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and whose estimated net worth is $170 million, said the woman does not deserve the money for two reasons: One, he claims was never a full-time employee but rather was an independent contractor. Two, he says she has not suffered any trauma related to the termination — which leads to his request for her to see a doctor and, depending on that diagnosis that nothing is wrong with Medlock, have the case tossed out.

This is not the first time the entertainer has called for someone who used to work with him and attempted to sue him to be evaluated by a medical professional. One of his ex-assistants had a similar claim and was sent for assessment.

Wayne also maintains he did nothing wrong, adding that her termination was a “just and proper exercise of discretion and business judgment, undertaken for a fair and honest reason and regulated by good faith under the circumstances then existing,” according to the outlet.

The lawsuit is pending.

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