Is The Game Trying Run Game and Avoid Paying 2016 $7M Judgment from Sexual Assault Lawsuit By Hiding Assets?

The Game will return to court in January 2024 to address a lawsuit filed by a contestant from his VH1 show, “She Got Game.” The rapper is accused of hiding assets through means such as selling his home to his manager to avoid paying a court-ordered judgment.

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In 2015 former contestant Priscilla Rainey sued The Game for $10 million over alleged sexual assault. On Nov. 16, 2016, The Game was ordered by the court to pay Rainey $7.3 million after the rapper failed to answer the suit.

But The Game never paid up, said Rainey. Instead, he claimed broke, and Rainey has claimed he is hiding assets, which prompted another lawsuit. A new lawsuit from Rainey filed in 2021 claimed The Game, whose net worth is an estimated $37 million, was involved in a suspicious real estate exchange scheme as part of a pattern of concealing assets.

Rainey has gotten some of her money. As of 2023, she has obtained $500,000 from his music royalties after successfully going after those, but she wants it all and is pursuing other assets she claimed he has concealed, including his house.

But in 2018, The Game sold his house to manager Cash “Wack 100” Jones for $2 million.

Rainey argues The Game still resides there. She believes The Game, Wack 100, and entities owned by The Game are attempting to hinder her from seizing more assets.

“Jones and [The Game] conspired together to transfer and conceal [The Game’s] assets by transferring them among themselves and shell companies under their control. No one need guess about [The Game’s] and Jones’ intent to not pay the Judgment owed by [The Game] to Rainey, as they have made it abundantly clear in various social media posts that they never intend to pay a dime to Rainey on her judgment,” her 2021 filing read.

Rainey stated in court documents the property’s actual worth is $2.8 million, with more than $800,000 in equity. 

Wack 100 claimed in court records that his client owed him $268,310.40 plus interest but clarified this was a debt from July 2016 through February 2018, and the rapper was repaying him.

Wack 100 stated that the property was valued at approximately $2.15 million but has outstanding debts of $2 million from two mortgages. He asserted that the home sale was not intended to defraud Rainey, contrary to her allegations. 

The Long-Running Lawsuit

The Hollywood Reporter states the rapper had an off-camera date with Rainey at a sports bar in a Chicago suburb where the alleged assault occurred. When The Game filed a motion in 2019 to appeal the judgment decision on Oct. 17, 2019, the appeals court ruled that he did not deserve a new trial.

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