Inside Vanessa Williams $1.75 Million Suburban New York Mansion

Actress and singer Vanessa Williams’ home in Chappaqua, New York, is not just a home; it’s a space documenting all of her achievements.  On the Dec. 13 episode of “MTV Cribs,” Williams shared her residence with viewers wanting an inside peek of her life and home. 

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Williams, who has a reported net worth of $20 million, was crowned Miss America in 1983 and became the first African-American woman to hold the title. Despite having to relinquish her crown as a result of being embroiled in a scandal, Williams was able to bounce back and has enjoyed a career in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress.

In 1988, she released her first album, “The Right Stuff,” to much acclaim. Her second album, “The Comfort Zone,” spawned hits such as “Save the Best for Life,” and received several Grammy nominations. 

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As an actress, she has appeared on Broadway in musicals such as “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” and “Into the Woods,” for which she received a Tony nomination. Williams has starred in films such as “Soul Food” and “Eraser,” while also appearing on television series such as “Ugly Betty” and “Desperate Housewives.” 

Today, Williams takes pleasure in riding around her 4.45-acre estate in a golf cart. While it is unknown when Williams purchased the home, it is reportedly worth $1.75 million. According to Williams, the home was built in 1906 and once included a carriage house. In a recent renovation, Williams used stones from the original carriage house for her main residence. 

(Photo: screenshot, MTV)

“These stones are the original stone wall to the exterior of a cottage that was here … And this house is probably haunted . . . it’s gotta be,” she said during her “MTV Cribs” feature. “So what we have done is connected the carriage house and the cottage with all of the structure and that’s where the magic begins,” she explained.

(Photo: screenshot, MTV)

And the inside of Williams’ home holds just as much personal history. Here’s a look inside Williams’ home that she shares with her husband and two Great Danes. 

Memorabilia from a Storied Career 

The 11,603-square-foot home features six bedrooms and five bathrooms. A highlight of the home is an office holding memorabilia from her career. 

There’s an original Corn Flakes box with Williams on the cover when she was crowned Miss America. Also present are gold and platinum records from Williams’ singing career. The office also includes a wall with framed photographs with Williams and presidents such as Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Finally, there are costumes that Williams has worn — on various television sets, in concerts and on Broadway.  

In the dining room, there’s a large photograph of Williams donning her witch costume from the Broadway show “Into the Woods.” 

But memorabilia is not all that makes the home. Williams has a kitchen with four ovens — so that she can prepare large meals for her four children and grandchild during the holidays. 

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  1. Deltra says:

    She is a legend and icon who withstood the test of time. Still gifted, talented, elegant and beautiful. Vanessa Williams has lived her life with poise and grace. Much respect goes out to her because she is a champion.

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