Tamar Braxton’s Ex-BFF Claims Singer Stiffed Him on Tour Expenses, Wants His Money: ‘I Am About to Lose My Mind’

R&B singer Tamar Braxton has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of her biggest hit, “Love and War,” with a concert series across the country. She has not done it alone, enlisting some friends and family to not only perform beside her but produce the tour.

One key person in the mix is LeTroy Davis, a music creative and producer, who has been managing, promoting, and allegedly putting up a lot of money to make the tour happen.

After the November 2023 Chrisean Rock debacle, Davis parted ways with the “All the Way Home” chart-topper. His leaving her tour seems to not only be about the work, but personal, as the two are no longer best friends.

The Show Goes On

On Dec. 14, Braxton took to the X platform and posted a promotion for the next few dates of the tour, days that have been extended because of popular demand.

“I can’t wait to see you all my Tamartians friends! Tickets are on sale right now and are going fast! There are also some meet and greets left! Hit @Travis_Ware up if you need assistance finding the meet & greet tickets! Grab them while you can!” she posted, adding upcoming dates from Dec. 22 to Jan. 20, with stops in New Orleans, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Charlotte, Raleigh and Detroit.

Davis responded by reposting the video and putting the reality star on blast, writing, “Since this is YOUR tour, you need to pay your own camera people and editors to shoot and edit footage of you. You were sent notices to not use this footage, yet you did. You have no respect for anyone. Take this down please.”

He further stated that he sent the edit to Braxton’s team privately and alleged that Braxton never secured the rights for “the film crew to use” the footage, but believes that she can do whatever she wants because she’s “gone wild.” He also said he tried to work with her about paying for the footage or arranging for payment, but she has ignored his outreach.

“I asked privately now I’m asking publicly, Please take down the footage I paid the camera crew to shoot and edit. You refused to reimburse me, and I offered,” he wrote. “You can not continue to do whatever you want to people. I own this footage and edit.”

He also directed his attention to fans, writing, “And y’all know I had this created because when’s the last time yall seen something professional and put together like this from her?”

Davis said that he has been dealing with this drama for more than a month.

The 46-year-old later posted on X, what fans believe was targeted to Davis, saying, ”Some of y’all really owe me an apology. Seriously!! y’all believe ANYTHING negative ANYONE says about me. SMH,” adding a broken red heart emoji.”

The ex-friend didn’t let anything go, much less an apology.

 “I am about to lose my mind! I’ve been trying to be done with this for a month! I’d jump off the roof but then Tamar would say I did it to hurt her and that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have a roof. And that I should apologize to her for jumping,” he wrote.

Davis took to X again and wrote, “Girl whatever,” in response to the back and forth, adding, “He got asked for proof now she’s spiraling lmao.”

Braxton’s next show comes days before Christmas. There’s no word on if she is bringing the entire band back, but fans anticipate a good show.

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