Chris Brown Refuses to Sit for Deposition In $71 Million Dog Attack Case Until His Requests Are Met; Judge Says Trial Will Begin In January

Singer Chris Brown is refusing to sit for a videotaped deposition until his requests are acknowledged in the case involving an ex-housekeeper and a vicious dog attack. His refusal comes just days after the Los Angeles judge upheld most of the housekeeper’s claims and stated that the trial would begin in January. 

In 2021, Brown’s former housekeeper filed a $71 million lawsuit against the singer claiming that his dog had viciously attacked her sister who was working with her in December 2020. Brown, who is worth a reported $50 million, denied the allegations. The housekeeper is named as Jane Doe in the suit but her identity was later revealed to be Maria Avila. She was with her sister Patricia Avila, who is also suing Brown.

Since then, Brown and Maria have been fighting over the court process. In the latest news, court documents reveal that she served Black Pyramid, Brown’s company, a notice for a deposition that was scheduled on Nov. 9. However, Brown’s attorneys objected to the notice, claiming it was untimely served. Attorneys for Brown also argued there was a default entered against Brown in 2022 that had yet to be vacated. Brown is refusing to sit for the videotaped deposition until the default is removed as he filed an answer to the claim after the court entered the default.  

To date, Maria will not remove the default. Brown’s attorney has also challenged six out of nine claims made by her. Most notably, the lawyer argued that Brown’s company, Black Pyramid did not own the dog and that necessary evidence of the claim was not present. The judge upheld most of Maria’s claims, except one, negligent infliction of emotional distress. The judge believed it was the same as a separate claim filed by Maria’s sister, an alleged witness in the case. However, the judge did allow the claim that there was intentional infliction of emotional distress to go forward. 

An Instigated Attack or Savage Attack? 

On Dec. 12, 2020, Maria said she worked at Brown’s residence in Tarzana, California. She was not aware that Brown had “vicious, killer attack dogs” present. Maria claims that one of Brown’s dogs, an Ovcharka/Caucasian shepherd dog named Hades attacked her while she was removing trash. 

In the lawsuit, Maria claims that she lay on the ground bleeding while making attempts to protect her body throughout the attack. She alleges that the dog  “savagely” ripped parts of her face, arms, and body off. 

Brown, however, contends that Maria instigated the attack. According to Brown’s lawyers, “[Doe] invited the injuries now complained of and assumed the risk of them with full knowledge of the magnitude of that risk, in that she knew her foregoing conduct might cause the dog to attack her, and seriously injure her, both of which events are alleged to have occurred.”

Yet, Maria’s sister Patricia, was at the house during the attack and supports her claims. She also charges that Hades was able to walk on the property unleashed. Brown, however, argued that Patricia did not witness the attack, she only heard Maria scream during the attack. 

Despite Brown’s averments, he did order Hades to be removed from the residence. According to Humboldt County, the dog was later euthanized, because it was considered aggressive and unable to be adopted.

Patricia also has filed a lawsuit in the case, claiming she experienced emotional distress as a result of witnessing the attack.

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