Kevin Hunter, Ex-Husband of Wendy Williams, Sues Car Insurance Company for Denying Claim for His Ferrari

Kevin Hunter, ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams, is embroiled in yet another court battle. This time, Hunter is alleging water damage to his car and has filed a lawsuit against Essentia Insurance Company. 

Kevin Hunter (Photo via Celebrity Net Worth)

Hunter claims that his policy with Essentia Insurance Company for his 2018 Ferrari California came with an “all-risk” coverage, protecting the retractable hardtop roadster “against risk of direct physical loss to covered property unless the loss is caused by a peril that is excluded.” 

Hunter claims in court papers that on Nov. 11, 2021, when the policy was in effect, his Ferrari was damaged by rain, according to RadarOnline, which reported it has a copy of the lawsuit. Hunter says he notified Essentia on Nov. 15. An inspector representing the insurance company reviewed his car. However, Hunter has yet to receive any payments on the policy related to this claim, despite complying with requests made by Essentia. Rain damage is covered by the policy, according to court documents. 

Yet Essentia has denied Hunter’s claim that the car endured rain damage. They have requested that the court dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that there was no rain at the location where Hunter said the car was damaged on the date and time he alleged. 

“[Kevin’s] misrepresentations about the event of loss and cause of loss nullify any coverage here. There is no genuine issue of fact that on the Incident Date, at the time that [Kevin] says the Incident occurred, there was no rain at all,” Essentia argued. “This is directly contrary to [Kevin’s] representations that he experienced a downpour.

Inside the Lawsuit

According to court documents as per Radar, Essentia said Hunter claimed that his car suffered extensive damage as a result of a heavy rainstorm. Hunter told the insurance company that he drove the car to a friend’s home in Pompano Beach to pick up his 2020 Audi SUV. He left the Ferrari at the friend’s home. Hunter told the company that he drove the car with the top down because it was a warm day and left it down while it was parked at the friend’s home. When he left, Hunter took the keys to the Ferrari. His friend called to alert him that it was raining while he was gone. When Hunter returned, he claimed it was still raining hard and although he was able to close the roof, he was not able to start the car. 

As part of their investigation, Essentia hired a meteorologist who determined that it had not rained in Pompano Beach on November 11 until after 11 p.m. and at that time, there was a “trace of precipitation.” 

The judge in the case has yet to establish a ruling. 

Other Financial Troubles 

In November, a Florida court ordered Hunter to pay $20,176.83 to UBS Bank USA. Interest will continue to mount on the judgment until it is repaid in full. 

These are just two of many legal woes Hunter has experienced since his divorce from Wendy Williams. The couple divorced in January 2020 and he was able to receive substantial alimony checks allowing him to purchase a home for $795,000 in Florida. But when alimony payments stopped in February 2022, Hunter’s home was facing foreclosure. As reported previously in Finurah, Hunter was able to sell the home for $1.25 million.

Finally, Hunter sued the former producers of the Wendy Williams show,  Debmar-Mercury LLC, and production executives Ira Bernstein and Mort Marcus for $10 million alleging wrongful termination. This case is ongoing and no ruling has been made.

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  1. Marc says:

    Even if the Ins co. is lying about the weather, why would they be liable when he left the roof open? Who is liable when you are negligent? You are.

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